Lavender Vines


Hey babes. First things first, sorry about being away for a month. RL got super crazy, but as always, comes first. A lot of things are changing in my RL this fall. So I am not going to be blogging quite as often as I was this time last year. The goal will be though to post at least once a week. So, lets get on to it.

I was just talking to my daughter the other day about how we remember when Pixicat was a small store with five or six items, but they were just amazing items. It is fun to see a brand grow in the way we have gotten to watch Pixicat grow. I almost always want to buy the latest items from her. They fit well, the colors are beautiful. Often I find her clothing to be, I don’t know how to describe it less weird.. calming? This dress just makes me think of a soft material that flows beautifully with the curve of the wearer’s body. Funny enough it’s just a gacha item, but it may suddenly be my favorite dress of all time.


Meanwhile you may have noticed the new head. I have finally decided to jump on the Catwa train. I mostly decided to switch because it is quickly becoming one of the most used heads, and therefore, has way more skin options than other heads. Catwas also has the scalp alpha option that is oh so helpful for those weird fitting hairs. AND I mean look at those emotions babes. …. Ok so there are no emotions in this picture, BUT I promise, next time haha. Not to mention, look at this skin I picked out. AND, IT HAS A BODY FRECKLE TATTOO. I CAN WEAR IT WITH ANY SKIN. Sorry, got over excited >.>


Hair: Exile::Kissing Strangers

Head: CATWA Head Alice V4.9

Eyes: [Buzz] Elyssium eyes – Jade

Skin: Lara Hurley – Laura Milky (head applier)

Body Freckles: Lara Hurley – Body Freckles tattoo layers Maitreya

Face Freckles: Just Magnetized – Beauty Marks – set 02

Glasses: .tsg. Shy Megane – Black

Dress: -Pixicat- Thorn.MiniDress – Lilac (Maitreya) [From Epiphany]

Bracelet: SPELL : Ellaria’s Snake Bracelet @ Chapter Four

Shoes: EMPORIUM – Candy Boots @ Manga Fair

Skinned knee: Fleur du mal {A4} – tattoo @ Chapter Four



Raindrops on Roses


Hey babes, lets put some whiskers on kittens and get down to business! LOOK AT THESE STOCKINGS

Yeah they are freaking amazing, and adorable. It’s anyBODY time again babes and for a little teaser, I bring to the table, these perfect stockings. They come in a few variations and even in a full stocking layer, not just the super long sock version I am sporting here. I am wearing them with my sweet updated Slink feet (just got the fat pack version, totally worth it babes) and I LOVE IT.

Next on the list, babes I spent way more linden than I care to admit trying to get this dang outfit. The Chapter Four has this adorable gacha with this amazing little undies and top out fit that is great, and I could not for the life of me get the rare. Meanwhile my wifey gets it on probably the first try lol AND my niece did too >.> Also check out these BEAUTIFUL eyes that are probably the best eyes I have ever seen. I keep wanting bright green eyes, and they are hard to find without them looking like my eyes are glowing, but the Skinnery has certainly nailed it!



Hair: [RA] Jolina Hair

Glasses: -tres blah- Sunnies – Floral

NEW EYES: [The Skinnery] Sona eye Collection 7 @ The Chapter Four

Outfit: . offbeat . Urbanlike : Loose WHITE tee / GRAY pants RARE @ The Chapter Four

Socks: AVICANDY Feeling Blue Collection @ anyBODY

Phone: [Cosmic Dust] – Cutesie Phone Typer // Sparkles @ The Chapter Four

Pose: Custom Pose


Reign-y Days


Hey babes, it is one of those weeks eh? Snow and then rain and still cold over here >.< My computer took a crap and I am still not even 100% sure if it is fixed D: On top of that I cut my foot on a piece of glass on the floor, that was there because my friend broke one of my favorite wine glasses. On accident ofc. It is just one of those times where it it all so crazy and obnoxious you just have to laugh it off. And maybe spend a day or two in your pajamas binge on Sabrina the Teenage Witch and talking to nobody?

So here is my comfy outfit for the week, I mean day! 0.0 I was pretty much dying to get into Chapter Four to get this Kimono. Normally a Kimono isnt really my thing (more of my nieces) but this one has a certain charm that I could not refuse xD Also this was a perfect excuse to wear some funky briefs and silly slippers to match my “don’t give a damn I am comfy” mood.


Hair: Blues. Niki

Glasses: -tres blah- Sunnies – Floral

Kimono and tank: Toro. Claudia’s Slouchy Kimono @ The Chapter Four

Briefs: [R3] Kari Boy-Shorts [V1]

Slippers: REIGN.– Cozy Slipper Boots (BLUE)- #26