Fly On By


Hey babes! I am sorry I am so obsessed with this hair. I just can’t wear anything else D: But it looks hella good with this skirt right?

I love this skirt. Its got a great and unique shape, the texture is fun and free, and it makes me feel super summery. It works as a beach cover up for your legs. (But who needs that honestly in sl? lol) It also comes with a bunch of other texture choices. There are lots of plain textures as well as printed ones. This creator did a great job and obviously worked really hard to give us so many choices xD

These sandals were a 50L Friday steal. Babes I’m not sure if Reign still has them available at a higher price honestly, but if you guys don’t keep up with FLF you certainly need to. Recently Reign has been putting out a lot of deals like this, where you basically get a fatpack for 5oL! These sandals scream summer and have a texture HUD that can give you fun colors to dress down with, or classic colors to dress up with.

Did you babes happen to see the butterflies above my head? Well they aren’t just for show. Tic Tot Toe has released this adorable butterfly typer gacha at Color Me Cute! The butterflies are animated and constantly fly around your head! And you can wear multiple at a time xD They do a cute animation while you type too. These clever butterflies have been around my head like all week haha


Hair: Blues. Lexi

Top: -Pixicat- Dusk.Top – White (Maitreya)

Skirt: Asteria – Stela Skirt – [Maitreya] – Lavender @ Cosmopolitan

Tattoo: *Bolson / Tattoo Mesh Body Pack – Sak Yant @ Summerfest 2016


Butterflies: TTT – Butterfly Typer Monarch RARE @ Color Me Cute

Pose: GLAMRUS Blooming Spring





Hey babes, I don’t normally write out posts like this, but today I stand my avi on an amazing beach my father made for our new family land, in an outfit my great grandmother made recently for Pride Month, on a day that comes after the Orlando Massacre. On one hand it is nice to see all over social media and the news how (most) people are banding together to help out and show their support of all the families and friends what will never be able to dance, laugh or speak with their loved ones again. I just read an article about the last text messages one man sent to his mother before he died. It reminds me of the text messages the kids on that ferry boat years ago sent their parents. I think the text messages always get to me the most, because it is when a person realizes its the end, and there is nothing they can do but say goodbye. So my thoughts and prayers, yeah prayers, are with Orlando today, and for a while, hoping that one day, maybe, the government and the people will care enough to do more about it.

On to talking about the normal things though. Just as I came up with a brilliant blog post idea for Pride Month, my lovely great grandmother released this outfit. I did not want to wait for my brilliant idea to show it off so here it is early! (Brilliant Idea Blog coming soon lol) This outfit comes in many options. YES there is a male version  for those with male bodies WOO. The shirts in all the options are the same, but the pants come in all of the appropriate rainbow colors ❤ Which I thought went perfectly with my favorite flowery hair.

Side note, sorry for blogging the same tattoo twice! I derped.


Hair: Exile::Coming Up Daisies

Glasses: .tsg. Shy Megane – Black

Top: .epoch. pride tank

Pants: .epoch. pride jeans Purle

Tattoo: **UrbanStreet** Doggo Tattoo

Shoes: FLite.– LONG BEACH LOW TOPS- GRAY @ The Arcade

Pose: Overlow Poses Pack 10


Cat Fishing


Hey babes! It looks like WINGED is back people, and I am loving her new stuff. These headphones are so adorable! I know the cat headphones thing has been around for a bit, but come on, these have a bow on them 😀 The texturing is lovely as usual, and they come in a bunch of fun colors with glowing lights :O My only suggestion would be I wish you could change the color of the glow, but they are always blue. Oh well, nothing is perfect eh?

Next WINGED also has these shorts. They fit well, again good texturing and come in a bunch of great colors. There is even a punk version with fun patches on them. I was going to wear them, but then I thought too much black for me in one outfit haha. And the lavender matches the headphones. Also I forgot to take a butt pic, but the back pockets are grey, which breaks up all the lavender in a really nice way.

I thought the dropping color top really helped pull in all the colors. We have the purple, as well as the blue from the headphones glow and the deep purple also helps pull in the shoes. Plus obviously the black pulls in the shoes as well. I love these galaxy print shies. I am really into the chunky boot thing. Idk why, maybe because it puts together heels, which I rarely like, and boots which I love in a short boot casual kind of way, that is also a little classy. Wow run on sentences xD


Headphones: .WINGED. Kitty Headphones – Purple @ The Dressing Room

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Ryleigh Mesh Hair

Glasses: .tsg. Shy Megane – Black

Top: -SU!- Cult Logic Crop Top #05

Upper tattoo: {Speakeasy} Crazy Cat Lady

Shorts: .WINGED. Summer Shorts Purple @ anyBODY

Lower Tattoo: *Queen oF Ink* – Tattoo Sea

Shoes: Goth1c0: Galaxy Ankle Suede Boots

Pose: Overlow Poses – Pose Pact 1 1


To Market


Hey babes, would you believe that is is REALLY hard to find a Farmer’s Market location in SL that isn’t “ahem” adult. Anyways, my brother walked up to me the other day with this bag of lemons. He was basically obsessed with it for the entire week. And then I realized that the bad was texture change and it was hella cute. SO I had to get it. ofc it is a gacha though, so I tried like 10 times to get this dang bag. It isn’t even a rare and I couldn’t get it. So i gave my brother the last bit of Linden I was willing to spend, and that brat pulls it on the first try. He is very useful when I want rares, let me tell you lol

This romper, is amazing. I loved it the second I saw it on Facebook, and was so mad when the vendor would not work the first day of the event >.< But it is fixed now, so you can go get your own! It is really simple but comes with this lovely chain belt that really pulls it all together. The shape and cut of it are unique to the rest of the million rompers that are becoming so popular lately, and I like the simple color patterns. Or lack of patterns, but yeah. The fatpack comes with exclusive lace details, which are really nice! I just was not in the mood to spend all that Linden lol.

Babes, let’s talk about this tattoo while we can. Speakeasy has come out with 2 limited tattoos lately and this one is my favorite of the two. It has cats on your legs! CATS! It is a lot of fun and really interesting. But there are only about 150 left, so get them while you can!



Hair: [e] Aspyn

Glasses: .tsg. Shy Megane – Black

Necklace: *Figment* Cameo Choker @ The Fantasy Collective

Romper: **RE** Deliah Romper – Navy @ Shiny Shabby

Bag: Lark – Market Bag (Lemons) (gacha located here)

Tattoo: { Speakeasy } Murmer (limited)

Shoes: *agp* Ellie laceup sandals / sand-Maitreya @ Cosmopolitan

Pose: Overlow Poses Gift 1


Toil and Trouble


Hey babes! So I hope you have heard that the third annual Dark Style Fair is OPEN! My brother and I have put together this fun post of goodies. I think our dark mother would be proud of our witchy set up. Envi may not be good at the whole spell thing, but at least we look dang cute AND have great cats as company. I mean look at my kitty. SHE IS ADORABLE.

Look at Envi’s outfit here!

So today I was feeling a little silvery. I have been wanting to try silver hair for a while now, but I am so nervous about buying color packs not in red. I mean…what if I want red D: ThE PRESSURE. But I am really glad I got this hair with a pack that includes silver. This one actually has a hint of purple in it, so you can have a little bit of fun color while not looking like you have pure white hair. Which is also nice, but not the look I was going for.

Epoch has come out with a really cool outfit for this fair. She actually has two differnet outfits. Be sure to go there and see the other one. It has super cute panda shirts and cat shirts that actually fit perfectly under this scarf. But I wanted to show off my sweet tattoo so I decided not to wear the shirt with the scarf. If you check out the bottoms I have on, they are kind of like sexy modest witch stockings. I love them. They come in a bunch of fun colors, including a classic black. But let’s all be serious, ofc I would choose the green xD

So babes, since I went through so much trouble to show off this tattoo…make sure you look good xD Haha, but yeah this is a really nice tattoo, it covers a lot but not too much. I love the hand details, because hand tattoos are just ugh so hot. And the skulls just make it so appropriately Dark Style ❤ Plus the butterfly adds a nice scary but soft touch.


Hair: Magika – Written

Glasses: (EPOQUE) Vintage Frames – Neutral

Top: .epoch. ophelia scarf / maitreya @ The Dark Style Fair

Bottoms: .epoch. / omega applier / shire leggings / green @ The Dark Style Fair

Tattoo: **UrbanStreet** Dead Smile Tattoo-Light- @ The Dark Style Fair

Shoes:.:EC:. ABL Army Boots Right

Cat: Birdy – Hocus Pocus – Mr. Bigglesworth – Patch

Wand: Dusk Designs: Unicorn Wand

Pose: BellePoses – Moon Balloon



Take a Seat


Hey babes! Take a seat and stay a while, because I have a lot to talk about this posting day xD

Let’s start off with this hair. I will admit, I have not been to Wasabi Pills in a very long time. Their red textured were nothing like the gingers I usually wear, so any time I bought a hair, I would never wear it, because it just didn’t look like me anymore. BUT it has been brought to my attention that their updated texture pack had BRILLIANT reds! Yeah, I know this is not a red, but doesn’t a Pixie cut look just to die for in a funky color? I bought this hair in reds and colors because I could not resist. So stay tuned to possibly see it again in my natural ginger color ❤

Next, I am one of those people who may not like an item in the add, but once I see it on a friend, I realize how cute it is haha. My friend was wearing this romper one day, and it made me realize the shape is super nice. I may have mostly been put off because there are only 2 fun prints, and I am not a fan of plain rompers. If you DO like plain rompers, this one is available in a bunch of great simple, but also really pretty colors.

Speakeasy has made a great tattoo here. It is simple and fun. The colors are nice, and it has a pretty cool bad ass saying on it haha. Be sure to check it out at anyBODY, which is only open till the end of the month. So get your little pixel butt there soon!

Next, the chair. Just look at this pose. Glamrus has outdone herself with this gacha full of fun chair poses. They come with the chair, as well as just the animations, so if you like, you can use any chair you want. The couple poses are SO CUTE. But today I did not happen to have a friend prop D: So maybe another post for that one babes. But be sure to go grab them while you can!

Last but not least, let’s talk about these shoes. Not only are the textures amazing, the mesh is perfect, and the over all design is just SO dang cute! BUT it also is basically a fatpack for the price of one shoe babes. The ENTIRE thing is texture change via the HUD.I would have bought one color of this shoe for the price they are offering it for. I love Pure Poison and I am not saying they should raise their prices, because, hell, we obviously love that too. But for the quality this is an amazing bargain babes. Go. Get. Them.


Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Drew Mesh Hair

Glasses: (EPOQUE) Vintage Frames – Neutral

Romper: -Pixicat- Carefree.Playsuits – Flower @ Collabor88

Tattoo: {Speakeasy} Secrets Tattoo @ anyBODY

Shoes: Pure Poison – Neva Sandals – Slink @ Collabor88

Pose: Glamrus . Close . Female 01 @ The Chapter Four


Elephant In the Room


Hey babes today I finally unpacked those L’Etre backgrounds from my mess of an inventory. And yes, I am well aware that I may have told you that 3 weeks ago I spent an entire week organizing it. And it may be a bit of a mess again >.> Don’t judge. This is basically how my bedroom is in RL rofl. Anyways, just look how cool this background is…

So I have put together lots of things today. This outfit has kind of come together over the  course of several days. I first wore the bathing suit for a day, then added the jacket because I was lazy and did not want to change. And oh, my god, this jacket is so cool and unique I just HAD to show it off to you babes. It was a struggle picking which one I wanted, but ultimately the Elephant won out in the end.

The next day I was asked to be a prop in a blog by my friend’s daughter and she needed me to put on pants. I actually threw on the first think I could remember I owned, and it turned out to be basically perfect! It is so hard to find good cargo pants in SL that don’t look odd or have your entire butt crack hanging out. But these take the cake. Pair them with these sandals, and I get a more edgy boho look ❤

I thought the outfit was missing a little something so I looked into all the new anyBODY items that have been coming out in the days leaving up to the new round (May 7th) and found this great tattoo. I love this brand of tattoo because they are really feminine and the colors are not overbearing. An entire body tattoo like this may be too much for me, but something this small with these colors just speaks to me. So be sure to check out this tattoo and the rest of the great things coming out in this month’s upcoming round!


Hair: [RunAway] Amber Hair – Fitted @ We Love Roleplay

Glasses: ISON – quinton glasses

Jacket: Foxes – Free Love – Denim Jacket – Mural – Elephant @ Uber

Top: Blueberry – Peach Bikini – Top – Maitreya

Pants:-Pixicat- Linn.Cargo Pants – Black (Maitreya)

Tattoo: { T’ink } OMEGA Applier Hud – Mandaloony @ anyBODY

Shoes: fri. – Sophie.Sandals (Gray) – Slink @ Uber

Pose: [La Baguette] Atatic Pack2 Static 11