Lavender Vines


Hey babes. First things first, sorry about being away for a month. RL got super crazy, but as always, comes first. A lot of things are changing in my RL this fall. So I am not going to be blogging quite as often as I was this time last year. The goal will be though to post at least once a week. So, lets get on to it.

I was just talking to my daughter the other day about how we remember when Pixicat was a small store with five or six items, but they were just amazing items. It is fun to see a brand grow in the way we have gotten to watch Pixicat grow. I almost always want to buy the latest items from her. They fit well, the colors are beautiful. Often I find her clothing to be, I don’t know how to describe it less weird.. calming? This dress just makes me think of a soft material that flows beautifully with the curve of the wearer’s body. Funny enough it’s just a gacha item, but it may suddenly be my favorite dress of all time.


Meanwhile you may have noticed the new head. I have finally decided to jump on the Catwa train. I mostly decided to switch because it is quickly becoming one of the most used heads, and therefore, has way more skin options than other heads. Catwas also has the scalp alpha option that is oh so helpful for those weird fitting hairs. AND I mean look at those emotions babes. …. Ok so there are no emotions in this picture, BUT I promise, next time haha. Not to mention, look at this skin I picked out. AND, IT HAS A BODY FRECKLE TATTOO. I CAN WEAR IT WITH ANY SKIN. Sorry, got over excited >.>


Hair: Exile::Kissing Strangers

Head: CATWA Head Alice V4.9

Eyes: [Buzz] Elyssium eyes – Jade

Skin: Lara Hurley – Laura Milky (head applier)

Body Freckles: Lara Hurley – Body Freckles tattoo layers Maitreya

Face Freckles: Just Magnetized – Beauty Marks – set 02

Glasses: .tsg. Shy Megane – Black

Dress: -Pixicat- Thorn.MiniDress – Lilac (Maitreya) [From Epiphany]

Bracelet: SPELL : Ellaria’s Snake Bracelet @ Chapter Four

Shoes: EMPORIUM – Candy Boots @ Manga Fair

Skinned knee: Fleur du mal {A4} – tattoo @ Chapter Four



Fly On By


Hey babes! I am sorry I am so obsessed with this hair. I just can’t wear anything else D: But it looks hella good with this skirt right?

I love this skirt. Its got a great and unique shape, the texture is fun and free, and it makes me feel super summery. It works as a beach cover up for your legs. (But who needs that honestly in sl? lol) It also comes with a bunch of other texture choices. There are lots of plain textures as well as printed ones. This creator did a great job and obviously worked really hard to give us so many choices xD

These sandals were a 50L Friday steal. Babes I’m not sure if Reign still has them available at a higher price honestly, but if you guys don’t keep up with FLF you certainly need to. Recently Reign has been putting out a lot of deals like this, where you basically get a fatpack for 5oL! These sandals scream summer and have a texture HUD that can give you fun colors to dress down with, or classic colors to dress up with.

Did you babes happen to see the butterflies above my head? Well they aren’t just for show. Tic Tot Toe has released this adorable butterfly typer gacha at Color Me Cute! The butterflies are animated and constantly fly around your head! And you can wear multiple at a time xD They do a cute animation while you type too. These clever butterflies have been around my head like all week haha


Hair: Blues. Lexi

Top: -Pixicat- Dusk.Top – White (Maitreya)

Skirt: Asteria – Stela Skirt – [Maitreya] – Lavender @ Cosmopolitan

Tattoo: *Bolson / Tattoo Mesh Body Pack – Sak Yant @ Summerfest 2016


Butterflies: TTT – Butterfly Typer Monarch RARE @ Color Me Cute

Pose: GLAMRUS Blooming Spring


Take a Seat


Hey babes! Take a seat and stay a while, because I have a lot to talk about this posting day xD

Let’s start off with this hair. I will admit, I have not been to Wasabi Pills in a very long time. Their red textured were nothing like the gingers I usually wear, so any time I bought a hair, I would never wear it, because it just didn’t look like me anymore. BUT it has been brought to my attention that their updated texture pack had BRILLIANT reds! Yeah, I know this is not a red, but doesn’t a Pixie cut look just to die for in a funky color? I bought this hair in reds and colors because I could not resist. So stay tuned to possibly see it again in my natural ginger color ❤

Next, I am one of those people who may not like an item in the add, but once I see it on a friend, I realize how cute it is haha. My friend was wearing this romper one day, and it made me realize the shape is super nice. I may have mostly been put off because there are only 2 fun prints, and I am not a fan of plain rompers. If you DO like plain rompers, this one is available in a bunch of great simple, but also really pretty colors.

Speakeasy has made a great tattoo here. It is simple and fun. The colors are nice, and it has a pretty cool bad ass saying on it haha. Be sure to check it out at anyBODY, which is only open till the end of the month. So get your little pixel butt there soon!

Next, the chair. Just look at this pose. Glamrus has outdone herself with this gacha full of fun chair poses. They come with the chair, as well as just the animations, so if you like, you can use any chair you want. The couple poses are SO CUTE. But today I did not happen to have a friend prop D: So maybe another post for that one babes. But be sure to go grab them while you can!

Last but not least, let’s talk about these shoes. Not only are the textures amazing, the mesh is perfect, and the over all design is just SO dang cute! BUT it also is basically a fatpack for the price of one shoe babes. The ENTIRE thing is texture change via the HUD.I would have bought one color of this shoe for the price they are offering it for. I love Pure Poison and I am not saying they should raise their prices, because, hell, we obviously love that too. But for the quality this is an amazing bargain babes. Go. Get. Them.


Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Drew Mesh Hair

Glasses: (EPOQUE) Vintage Frames – Neutral

Romper: -Pixicat- Carefree.Playsuits – Flower @ Collabor88

Tattoo: {Speakeasy} Secrets Tattoo @ anyBODY

Shoes: Pure Poison – Neva Sandals – Slink @ Collabor88

Pose: Glamrus . Close . Female 01 @ The Chapter Four




Hey babes. Have you ever just needed a day to yourself so you felt like going on an adventure? You go off by yourself and do whatever? Today in RL i went shopping in this adorable little town and got some amazing little pretty things. It can be so relaxing to adventure alone. This background kind of reminds me of that. Exploring a quiet little place, the quiet is almost soul healing.

Anyways, on to the outfit. These pants… I mean look at these pants… They are just simply perfect. Babes, I bought the fatpack because I simply could not decide which color to buy. Black goes with everything, but brown and green are earthy and beautiful, while pink is really fun. I have had a ball this week mixing the colors with different tops. Though I thought it not fair to blog the same pants over and over this month with different tops. Do not fret though. One day I will return to you with a different color. Probably n a day that you have pretty much forgotten about them, because we always forget about clothes haha.

I was pretty much waiting around for Epoch to give me this top. As soon as the advert came out for it. I HAD to have it. I love how simple and flowy it is. The colors are great. Plus in world it comes with shorts to match. The shorts are great too, I just also really wanted to blog these pants I spent at least 5 minutes typing about. Haha, but yes this top is very cute. The print is fun and soft in this color, but is a bit bolder in other colors, so I suggest buying more than one color to be able to change up the look a bit. Also it is super cheap! ❤


Hair: Magika – Checkpoint – 01 Color Pack

Glasses: (EPOQUE) Vintage Frames – Neutral

Top: .epoch. lexa floral tank / maitreya / khaki (was at Fi*Friday, but I am late, should be in main store soon I think <3)

Tattoo: **UrbanStreet** Eternal Roses Tattoo-Middle-Hud

Pants: -Pixicat- Hunter.Pants (Maitreya) @ We Love RP

Shoes: FLite. Malibu Lows Olive F

Pose: Overlow Pose Pack 74


Elephant In the Room


Hey babes today I finally unpacked those L’Etre backgrounds from my mess of an inventory. And yes, I am well aware that I may have told you that 3 weeks ago I spent an entire week organizing it. And it may be a bit of a mess again >.> Don’t judge. This is basically how my bedroom is in RL rofl. Anyways, just look how cool this background is…

So I have put together lots of things today. This outfit has kind of come together over the  course of several days. I first wore the bathing suit for a day, then added the jacket because I was lazy and did not want to change. And oh, my god, this jacket is so cool and unique I just HAD to show it off to you babes. It was a struggle picking which one I wanted, but ultimately the Elephant won out in the end.

The next day I was asked to be a prop in a blog by my friend’s daughter and she needed me to put on pants. I actually threw on the first think I could remember I owned, and it turned out to be basically perfect! It is so hard to find good cargo pants in SL that don’t look odd or have your entire butt crack hanging out. But these take the cake. Pair them with these sandals, and I get a more edgy boho look ❤

I thought the outfit was missing a little something so I looked into all the new anyBODY items that have been coming out in the days leaving up to the new round (May 7th) and found this great tattoo. I love this brand of tattoo because they are really feminine and the colors are not overbearing. An entire body tattoo like this may be too much for me, but something this small with these colors just speaks to me. So be sure to check out this tattoo and the rest of the great things coming out in this month’s upcoming round!


Hair: [RunAway] Amber Hair – Fitted @ We Love Roleplay

Glasses: ISON – quinton glasses

Jacket: Foxes – Free Love – Denim Jacket – Mural – Elephant @ Uber

Top: Blueberry – Peach Bikini – Top – Maitreya

Pants:-Pixicat- Linn.Cargo Pants – Black (Maitreya)

Tattoo: { T’ink } OMEGA Applier Hud – Mandaloony @ anyBODY

Shoes: fri. – Sophie.Sandals (Gray) – Slink @ Uber

Pose: [La Baguette] Atatic Pack2 Static 11



Double Trouble


Hey babes, take a look at these adorable props I have for you today! lol Okay, one is me, and the other is my little sister / niece. We have a confusing family. But the big part of this is Glamrus is BACK AT IT AGAIN with the Kiddo poses! Look at this thing!

Other things to say, babes, be sure to stop by anyBODY if you have not. This watercolor tattoo is there, and it is just to die for. I want a watercolor tattoo in RL but haven’t gotten the motivation to get it yet. This is the exact reason I love SL tattoos so much haha. So get on down there and grab this unique beauty before the month runs out.

That tattoo goes lovely by the way, with this Pixicat top that I haven’t worn in ages, but love to death. It is color change so you can pretty much match it with anything, and the lace is a nice touch if you aren’t feeling showing all that skin on a particular day xD


Hair: [e] Interrupt

Glasses: 15.Reckless.- DirtBag Glasses

Necklace: Kibitz – The heart necklace – steel

Top: -Pixicat- Cheeky.Top

Pants: #EVANI – Hillary jeans NAVY

Tattoo: *Merlific* WaterColor Tattoo @ anyBODY

Shoes:REIGN.- Breeze Sandals

Group Pose: Glamrus Kids . Double Trouble @ Color Me Cute



Smoking Meowt


Hey babes. I have been wanting to wear this outfit ever since I bought it, but sometimes it just doesn’t happen. But that can be a good thing, because if I wait long enough, more events come out aaaand MORE STUFF TO GO WITH IT.

I was so excited when I saw these gloves that I HAD to have them. I don’t usually go for stuff like these, but the bow and the rings are defo a selling point for me Plus they make the outfit for sure!

Next I want to point out my eyes, Normally I don’t change my eyes from green, buuuuut these purple ones from my sponsor are pretty dang awesome. I love them so much, I may take a little green break… Okay maybe like a week green break >.>

Also sorry babes about the no link for the shoes. They are super duper old and I didn’t realize the store had closed to long ago. On the bright side, if you have these old shoes, dust them off and give them a try again. They may be prim shoes, but the textures are so good, all my friends thought they were mesh!



Hair: Lamb. Love Fade @ Collabor88

Glasses: 15.Reckless.- DirtBag Glasses

Eyes: .{PSYCHO:Byts}. Snow Queen Eyes – Violet

Top: -Pixicat- Flirty.Top – White @ Collabor88

Skirt: -Pixicat- Flirty.Skirt – Plum @ Collabor88

Leggings: erratic / basics – printed leggings B&W

Shoes: Reek – Swell Sneaks – Girls

Dog:REIGN.- Plushies (SCARF)- #2 RARE @ N21

Backpack: Tentacio Cat backpack galaxy Rare @ Kustom9

Gloves: **RE** Bow Leather Glove @ Shiny Shabby