Star Power


Hey babes! I know I’ve been going way nuts about this Crystal Heart Festival but I have way more for you! Look at this dress, now look at your dress, now look at this dress. ❤ The textures are amazing, its freaking beautiful. Its cute and sexy and just GAHH perfect! I thought it was a gacha at first, and it turns out its not, so that was extra exciting ❤

Also at the fair are these socks and this perfect musical compact! TT has brought us this great gacha item that kind of reminds me of that old show Totally Spies, where the spy girls had all sorts of spy gadgets like laser lipstick and knock out powder compacts. The jewel is super pretty and just makes me feel like a cute bad ass. Not to mention the fun socks that are perfect for almost every ocasion. I may have been wearing them ever since . Not kidding, if you see me in world, I probably will be wearing these socks. Ask all the kids at Heritage rofl xD


Hair: !Oleander ~ Boone. Galaxy tones

Dress: Violent Seduction – Hime Senshi (Neptune) @ The Crystal Heart Festival

Head Symbol: TTT – Saturn Symbol @ Crystal Heart Festival

Glasses: .tsg. Shy Megane – Black

Socks: [VALE KOER] GARTER SOCKS MAITREYA @ The Crystal Heart Festival

Compact: TTT – Music Compact (Purple) @ The Crystal Heart Festival

Pose: Custom



The Best Pants are No Pants


Hey babes! I think the title of this post basically speaks for how I feel now. And how I feel every day to be fair haha xD Anywho I know I have been blogging mostly Epoch this month, but to be fair, she has been super busy! Coming out with ALL THE THINGS. This week we have a cute pajama set. The fashionable tied up tee comes in many options that include some fun phrases (including Mother of Dragons babes) but today I was feeling a bit simple, so you babes can go check out the phrases in world 😛

I adore the corset-ish detail on the undies of this set. It is on both sides, and really sets them apart from normal boring undies. This makes them both cute and sexy at the same time! I popped on some casual shoes with these tube socks to keep my legs warm even though I am not wearing pants and POOF! Adorable, fun, sexy yet modest outfit? I am full of weirdness today. But I look cute doing it, so who can argue?


Hair: !Oleander ~ Tegan. @ Summerfest 2016

Top: .epoch. bad day set / top / Grey scale @ Suicide Dollz

Undies: .epoch. bad day set / bottom @Suicide Dolls

Shoes: AMITOMO // Joining you GACHA / 8 / MAITREYA / Long @ Kustom9

Pose: Overlow Poses Pack 72


Yik – Yak


Greetings babes! I am blogging here from my SL family campsite as you can see. For the next week I will probably be blogging camp themes outfits woo! Okay, probably like 3 posts or something haha.

Well babes I have to admit, there aren’t a lot of people who can resist a SPIRIT outfit, and I am definitely not one of them. What’s not to love? They always fir great and the textuing is to die for. We all know I am kind of a cheapo, but I am almost always willing to spend the extra Ls on this brand.

This great outfit is the perfect little camping number when paired with a set of my favorite boots. The hair with the ribbon really “tie” it all together I think, with it complimenting the banana on the boots.



Hair: !Oleander ~ Poppy. w/ bow

Glasses: -tres blah- Sunnies – Floral

Shirt: SPIRIT – Onna long top [Motley] @ N21

Bra: SPIRIT – Onna top [Dark Blue] @ N21

Shorts: SPIRIT – Onna shorts [Purple] @ N21

Boots: [monso] My Vintage Ankle Boots

Tattoo: { T’ink} Peachy Tattoo @ anyBODY

Pet: Birdy. – Wooly Cow – Ginger

Pose: Glamrus Deanna 04 (I took the pose out of the prop)


Flower Child


Hey babes, I know this skirt came out forever ago but I had like a million posts to do first. Lets talk this skirt. I LOVE this skirt, its long and fun, the print is cool and its just so pretty. I am not a huge fan of the shape, it does make the more curvy girls look more umm.. less curvy? So be sure to try the Demo first babes.

It was hard to find a top that I liked, because the skirt is a high waist, so there is that, but obviously crop tops work great with anything high waisted. Blueberry has this great top that you can make long or short, its kind of a 2 part top. This version lets you show some classy underboob, which yes, even us conservative curtesy dressers like to show from time to time haha.

PLUS the top is perfect for showing off this super cute and simple tattoo that can be found at… anyBODY. Be sure to check it out if you haven’t babes. We are in the very last days of the event being open before all the new goodies next month. So don’t miss out!

Add all that together with some of my favorite wedges everrrr and you have a slightly sexy hippish outfit. Yes, that is the style we are going for haha ❤


Hair: !Oleander ~ Poppy. w/ bow

Glasses: [Z O O M] Summer Jam

Top: Blueberry – Roro – Cropped Top Only

Skirt: imbue. maxi skirt – patterned

Wedges: RO – Phalanx Wedges (Right) -Brown

Tattoo: .Pagan.Moon.Winds. Tattoo Applier @ anyBODY

Necklace: Sushi. Mishakal’s Talisman – Gold/Garnet @ Shiny Shabby

Pose: Overlow Pose Pack 43


The Fear Of Falling Apart


Hey babes ❤ I know sometimes I talk about my week and this is about to be one of those times. If you don’t wanna know then skip this paragraph haha. I have been in a Panic! At the Disco obsessed mood (surprise about that to come soon :O) and today I kind of feel like this. Sometimes I am afraid I am falling apart when I may not even be, and today I may fear I am falling apart because I don’t feel like I am, and I think I should. Does that make sense? Eh, found out this person I have a crush on doesn’t like me, and I don’t really feel disappointed at all. Maybe my heart is getting cold? :-/ Oh well, I put on a cool hat and move on with my life. Maybe it is better to react this was anyway haha.

I adore this dress. I know I have mentioned a thousand time how much I love Candy Doll’s texturing. Their ads are so soft and gorgeous how can you possible resist? Then I found these shoes and my mind was blown.

I LOVE them! I even broke down and bought the High Slink feet for them because they do not fit the Maitreya body feet >.> Top that off with a punky had and my fav cutsey hair and I have an outfit made for a Punky Princess who maybe isn’t falling apart and just a worry wart. 🙂


Hair: !Oleander ~ Bennett.

Hat: RO – SwagTastiCap – Black

Dress Top: _CandyDoll_ Angela Top Lavender @ Kustom9

Dress Bottom: _CandyDoll_ Kaori Skirt Cream @ Kustom9

Sneakers: HT – Hayato Sneakers Tip-Toe [Manifold] (Marketplace Gacha)