School of Magical Girls


Hey magical babes! Idk if you have heard about the Crystal Heart Festival, but babes if you have not, you may have be living under a prim rock. This Sailor Moon inspired festival is pink, fun, sparkly and filled with all kinds of amazing things!

First off may I draw your attention to my lovely forehead piece. This symbol comes with several different options and looks way cute. I have been kind of interested in the whole moon jewelry on the forehead trend, but basically everybody has it. So I feel like this is a great solution with lots of options! Also Tic Tot Toe has brought to us this adorable bow, which comes with just as many options as the forehead symbols, and a ton of fun gacha colors ❤

Last from this amazing festival FEMINIST STUFF!!! Pay close attention to these patches babes. They say amazing things and I am basically in love with this creator for making them. In fact, I bought the fatpack because I wanted the exclusive feminist ones! So go buy these patches babes and wear them everywhere! Every day!

I matches all this up with a beautifully done gacha school outfit that I have been looking for an excuse to blog forever and just hadn’t been able to find the perfect opportunity till now xD



Hair: Magika [Hair M] Careful

Top: `M.BIRDIE / School Look f/w F.top4-B M (Gacha Item)

Pants: `M.BIRDIE / School Look f/w F.pants A-M

Head Symbol: TTT – Saturn Symbol @ Crystal Heart Festival

Bow: TTT – Moon Bow RARE @ Crystal Heart Festival

Patches: eyecandy – Magical Babe Patch – Fatpack @ Crystal Heart Festival

Shoes: FLite. Creepers 1.0 Black SLink Medium heel

Pose: Overlow Pose Pack 43





Hey babes, I don’t normally write out posts like this, but today I stand my avi on an amazing beach my father made for our new family land, in an outfit my great grandmother made recently for Pride Month, on a day that comes after the Orlando Massacre. On one hand it is nice to see all over social media and the news how (most) people are banding together to help out and show their support of all the families and friends what will never be able to dance, laugh or speak with their loved ones again. I just read an article about the last text messages one man sent to his mother before he died. It reminds me of the text messages the kids on that ferry boat years ago sent their parents. I think the text messages always get to me the most, because it is when a person realizes its the end, and there is nothing they can do but say goodbye. So my thoughts and prayers, yeah prayers, are with Orlando today, and for a while, hoping that one day, maybe, the government and the people will care enough to do more about it.

On to talking about the normal things though. Just as I came up with a brilliant blog post idea for Pride Month, my lovely great grandmother released this outfit. I did not want to wait for my brilliant idea to show it off so here it is early! (Brilliant Idea Blog coming soon lol) This outfit comes in many options. YES there is a male version  for those with male bodies WOO. The shirts in all the options are the same, but the pants come in all of the appropriate rainbow colors ❤ Which I thought went perfectly with my favorite flowery hair.

Side note, sorry for blogging the same tattoo twice! I derped.


Hair: Exile::Coming Up Daisies

Glasses: .tsg. Shy Megane – Black

Top: .epoch. pride tank

Pants: .epoch. pride jeans Purle

Tattoo: **UrbanStreet** Doggo Tattoo

Shoes: FLite.– LONG BEACH LOW TOPS- GRAY @ The Arcade

Pose: Overlow Poses Pack 10


Summer Snapshots


Hey babes! Sorry I was in a rush and totally missed that my shorts are not loaded in this shot D: BUT you can see them great in my other pictures so keep on scrolling! After reading my review of course xD

So first off, look at thos adorable pose! Glamrus has come out with a cute one for Color Me Cute, and we are all over this babes. It is amazing, comes with the camera and it is easy to adjust, like all of Glamrus’ other poses 😀 I am so glad to have my niece, brother and my updated little avatar to help out lol I think it turned out adorable as hell and I am just in love. you can also choose not to use the camera and just take the picture from the angle of my hand, making it look like a selfie! But I decided I liked seeing the camera ❤

Check out what my brother is wearing here!


So, let’s talk about these shorts. I have been wanting to blog them ever since I bought them liiiike 3 months ago? Haha, I randomly found them in the store and just HAD to have them. I then promptly forgot about them. I will admit, they are an odd fit, hey are not fitmest, which I am slowly becoming a fitmesh snob because of how much easier it is to deal with and fit to your body. But it isn’t terrible. The print is beautiful and a little dulled out so it makes it soft and pretty instead of overbearing, which would have been easy to accidentally do. In the long run, I still love these shorts. They are different from everything else I have seen in world.

The top I pulled out again from my Luxe box. It came with the dress as a separate top and has now obviously proven quite handy. The fact that it is a short top helps a lot with the fitting and just works perfectly with these shorts.

I pulled everything together with one of the newest hairs from Magika, which has this headband that makes it have a while boho chic look. As we all know how much I love that style, I just HAD to use a pair of sandals to go with it. I haven been a fan of all the gladiator sandals that have come out lately. BUT my love of platform flats has betrayed me and I could not resist these shoes. I am not all that into the upside down pentagram in it that everybody else in the world seems to be obsessed with; however, you can’t really tell with these sandals, especially because they are not black.


Hair: Magika – Summer

Glasses: .tsg. Shy Megane – Black

Top: Tee*fy Verna Simple Top – Maitreya – White (from the May Luxe Box)

Shorts: ISON – chiffon shorts -M- (floral)

Shoes: Momento. Star Gladiator Platforms Maitreya Grey @ Kustom9

Pose: Glamrus Kids . Making Memories (includes camera) @ Color Me Cute


Toil and Trouble


Hey babes! So I hope you have heard that the third annual Dark Style Fair is OPEN! My brother and I have put together this fun post of goodies. I think our dark mother would be proud of our witchy set up. Envi may not be good at the whole spell thing, but at least we look dang cute AND have great cats as company. I mean look at my kitty. SHE IS ADORABLE.

Look at Envi’s outfit here!

So today I was feeling a little silvery. I have been wanting to try silver hair for a while now, but I am so nervous about buying color packs not in red. I mean…what if I want red D: ThE PRESSURE. But I am really glad I got this hair with a pack that includes silver. This one actually has a hint of purple in it, so you can have a little bit of fun color while not looking like you have pure white hair. Which is also nice, but not the look I was going for.

Epoch has come out with a really cool outfit for this fair. She actually has two differnet outfits. Be sure to go there and see the other one. It has super cute panda shirts and cat shirts that actually fit perfectly under this scarf. But I wanted to show off my sweet tattoo so I decided not to wear the shirt with the scarf. If you check out the bottoms I have on, they are kind of like sexy modest witch stockings. I love them. They come in a bunch of fun colors, including a classic black. But let’s all be serious, ofc I would choose the green xD

So babes, since I went through so much trouble to show off this tattoo…make sure you look good xD Haha, but yeah this is a really nice tattoo, it covers a lot but not too much. I love the hand details, because hand tattoos are just ugh so hot. And the skulls just make it so appropriately Dark Style ❤ Plus the butterfly adds a nice scary but soft touch.


Hair: Magika – Written

Glasses: (EPOQUE) Vintage Frames – Neutral

Top: .epoch. ophelia scarf / maitreya @ The Dark Style Fair

Bottoms: .epoch. / omega applier / shire leggings / green @ The Dark Style Fair

Tattoo: **UrbanStreet** Dead Smile Tattoo-Light- @ The Dark Style Fair

Shoes:.:EC:. ABL Army Boots Right

Cat: Birdy – Hocus Pocus – Mr. Bigglesworth – Patch

Wand: Dusk Designs: Unicorn Wand

Pose: BellePoses – Moon Balloon



I’d Like to Thank….


Hey babes! Today I have for you… a Luxe Box HAUL.

For those of you who do not know, Luxe Box, is one of those subscription boxes for SL. This month is the first ever month is it running and it is pretty cool. There are about 11 designers that put together 1 exclusive item each and pack it up in this nice little box for the customers and on the 15th of the month, we get the stuff! This month only was an exclusive price of 1000L for the whole box. They have said the price will go up next month, but have not announced to what price >.> So, to recap, you join the group in the beginning of thee month. You have 2 weeks to join the group. The box is released in the group on the 15th and at the end of the month, everybody is kicked out and you pay to rejoin the next month for the next box.

Okay, PROS: The stores that participate are ALL amazing quality stores, it’s pretty much the best of the best babes. I would buy pretty much everything from these stores if they were all in an event together. And they usually are in events together 0.0. Most of these items are either fat packs or multi packs, so that is awesome. There are 2 hair stores in this event ❤ There is even a furniture store and a house store. Also, surprises can be lots of fun. The last Pro of this one is the price (for this month obviously). This round I have to admit, I could have probably bought every item I am about to blog even if they were not all in this box. Also, you CAN buy past boxes (I am not sure when because this is the first month) for a higher price, that I am not aware of yet.

CONS: You don’t get to know what is in the box till you get it :-/ Surprises can be fun, but let me say, if the price goes up past 2500L for the box, I may reconsider buying the box every month. In fact, I really hope its not even that much, because even though the stores are GREAT, I still can’t say I buy everything they release ever. Ya know? I have to admit I was really disappointed with the Reign shoes, NOT because they weren’t beautiful as always, they are. But they just happen to not be my style. But that is what I am talking about, even though the price is good, if its a bad month. So in a way it is a bit of a gamble, BUT depending on the price vs how many items you like, it still can add up to be worth it.

And on a side note, not about the box… Check out all these super fun poses from Glamrus! They are kiddo poses again, but we all know how I like to break the rules babes. They come with a trophy for each pose! I just happened to not wear the trophy each time, because sometimes it blocked the clothes. BUT you get the gist of it. So be sure to grab these cuties while you can ❤

***All dresses and tops are ONLY available through Luxe Box! But I have provided store LMs anyway, and other credits are available at the main stores***


Dress: Tee*fy Verna Simple Dress – Maitreya – Candy Floss


Top: Foxes – Vintage Tied Tees – Lara – ALL


Dress: -tres blah- Belted Shift (Maitreya Lara)


Top: Stories&Co. by Flowey / Dakota Blouse – Luxebox Lace Maitreya


Dress: erratic / joan – dress / floral (maitreya)


Top : Bueberry – Luxe Box – Leign Bustier – Maitreya

Hair: Magika – Luxe Box: May {Luxe Box Exclusive}

Glasses: (EPOQUE) Vintage Frames – Neutral

Puppy: MishMish – Teacup Pomeranian Companion (white) {Luxe Box Exclusive}

Shoes (with Dresses) : tulip. Buckled Wedge Sandal (Sand)

Shoes (with tops): REIGNxFLITE.- Taylers (S-FLAT) LEFT/FOLDED- Grey/Sea

Poses: Glamrus Kids . North @ Ninety Nine



Hey babes. Have you ever just needed a day to yourself so you felt like going on an adventure? You go off by yourself and do whatever? Today in RL i went shopping in this adorable little town and got some amazing little pretty things. It can be so relaxing to adventure alone. This background kind of reminds me of that. Exploring a quiet little place, the quiet is almost soul healing.

Anyways, on to the outfit. These pants… I mean look at these pants… They are just simply perfect. Babes, I bought the fatpack because I simply could not decide which color to buy. Black goes with everything, but brown and green are earthy and beautiful, while pink is really fun. I have had a ball this week mixing the colors with different tops. Though I thought it not fair to blog the same pants over and over this month with different tops. Do not fret though. One day I will return to you with a different color. Probably n a day that you have pretty much forgotten about them, because we always forget about clothes haha.

I was pretty much waiting around for Epoch to give me this top. As soon as the advert came out for it. I HAD to have it. I love how simple and flowy it is. The colors are great. Plus in world it comes with shorts to match. The shorts are great too, I just also really wanted to blog these pants I spent at least 5 minutes typing about. Haha, but yes this top is very cute. The print is fun and soft in this color, but is a bit bolder in other colors, so I suggest buying more than one color to be able to change up the look a bit. Also it is super cheap! ❤


Hair: Magika – Checkpoint – 01 Color Pack

Glasses: (EPOQUE) Vintage Frames – Neutral

Top: .epoch. lexa floral tank / maitreya / khaki (was at Fi*Friday, but I am late, should be in main store soon I think <3)

Tattoo: **UrbanStreet** Eternal Roses Tattoo-Middle-Hud

Pants: -Pixicat- Hunter.Pants (Maitreya) @ We Love RP

Shoes: FLite. Malibu Lows Olive F

Pose: Overlow Pose Pack 74


Petal Pusher


Hey babes, look at how perfectly these pants go with the pink petals of Glamrus’ newest gacha pose set. I can’t stand how perfect it is *-* So yup, diving right on in here.

Glamrus has done it again and it is gorgeous! All the poses in the set com with or without the petals if you prefer them without. And they jsut happen to match these pants from Epoch perfectly. Nyx has certainly been a busy bee the last couple of weeks, because she has pumped out a TON of new stuff! So I decided to spring it up with some pops of color, my cat and my brother’s fantastic new tattoo xD



Hair: Magika – Which Witch

Glasses: 15.Reckless.- DirtBag Glasses

Top: .epoch. gravity tank @ 100 Block

Pants: .epoch. / omega applier / harley jeans / black&pink @ the Showroom

Tattoo: { Speakeasy } Crazy Cat Lady @ Season Story

Shoes: REIGN.– Tomahawks (SLINK)- Camel

Cat: [Manticore] Cat v3

Pose: Glamrus . Blooming Spring 05 @ The Chapter Four