School of Magical Girls


Hey magical babes! Idk if you have heard about the Crystal Heart Festival, but babes if you have not, you may have be living under a prim rock. This Sailor Moon inspired festival is pink, fun, sparkly and filled with all kinds of amazing things!

First off may I draw your attention to my lovely forehead piece. This symbol comes with several different options and looks way cute. I have been kind of interested in the whole moon jewelry on the forehead trend, but basically everybody has it. So I feel like this is a great solution with lots of options! Also Tic Tot Toe has brought to us this adorable bow, which comes with just as many options as the forehead symbols, and a ton of fun gacha colors ❤

Last from this amazing festival FEMINIST STUFF!!! Pay close attention to these patches babes. They say amazing things and I am basically in love with this creator for making them. In fact, I bought the fatpack because I wanted the exclusive feminist ones! So go buy these patches babes and wear them everywhere! Every day!

I matches all this up with a beautifully done gacha school outfit that I have been looking for an excuse to blog forever and just hadn’t been able to find the perfect opportunity till now xD



Hair: Magika [Hair M] Careful

Top: `M.BIRDIE / School Look f/w F.top4-B M (Gacha Item)

Pants: `M.BIRDIE / School Look f/w F.pants A-M

Head Symbol: TTT – Saturn Symbol @ Crystal Heart Festival

Bow: TTT – Moon Bow RARE @ Crystal Heart Festival

Patches: eyecandy – Magical Babe Patch – Fatpack @ Crystal Heart Festival

Shoes: FLite. Creepers 1.0 Black SLink Medium heel

Pose: Overlow Pose Pack 43



Rock with Me


Aye babes! Today I am rockin out with my father, who has graciously agreed to be my pose prop. So, let’s talk about this pose. Glamrus has done another great job coming up with probably one of my favorite couple poses ever. This pose pack is so creative. It comes with all the props seen shows (not including my father lol) and the pose stand is actually the speakers haha. The same adjustment and swapping options are available as on her normal pose stands, so it is still super easy to use! Even the Guitar is transfer so you can pass it to whoever you are posing with. There are several pose options available so go check them out!


And for my outfit. Babes lets go from the hair down. Have you heard Blues is having a MAJOR hair sale due to the fact that her store moved??? Let me tell you. I have been checking and checking her store for this hair for months. Because I am a derp and didn’t know if I really wanted to buy it while it was at an evenr like 3 months ago? And ITS FINALLY IN HER STORE. So I bought that up real quick haha. And best part is, EVERYTHING is like 50% off. Even the super old cheapo hairs. Babes, I bought a hair for 35L!

Next. I love this shirt. You can’t see it all that well, but it says “I am surrounded by idiots” and i just love it. Even though it is a fairly old mesh shirt, the print is great, the shoulders are odd, but it still is textures well and obviously just speaks to me haha ❤

The pants were one of those cases where I was like “meh” when I saw them on Seraphim and then I saw them on my mom and was like …I NEED. Because they are much better in world than on the ad. The sides are great, the knees are texture change, and so are the side stripes actually, and the zippers are a great touch that add that extra pow that makes them pop. I am in love. And I may have been wearing this entire outfit for 3 days till this pose actually gets published rofl


Hair: Blues. Lexi

Glasses: .tsg. Shy Megane – Black

Top: .:villena:. – Sweatshirt [S] PalmTree

Pants: Addams // Rocker Zipper Jean // Maitreya @ Colabor88

Sneakers: FLite.– LONG BEACH LOW TOPS- GRAY @ The Arcade

Pose: Glamrus . Playing With Strings @ The Rock Attitude Fair




Hey babes, I don’t normally write out posts like this, but today I stand my avi on an amazing beach my father made for our new family land, in an outfit my great grandmother made recently for Pride Month, on a day that comes after the Orlando Massacre. On one hand it is nice to see all over social media and the news how (most) people are banding together to help out and show their support of all the families and friends what will never be able to dance, laugh or speak with their loved ones again. I just read an article about the last text messages one man sent to his mother before he died. It reminds me of the text messages the kids on that ferry boat years ago sent their parents. I think the text messages always get to me the most, because it is when a person realizes its the end, and there is nothing they can do but say goodbye. So my thoughts and prayers, yeah prayers, are with Orlando today, and for a while, hoping that one day, maybe, the government and the people will care enough to do more about it.

On to talking about the normal things though. Just as I came up with a brilliant blog post idea for Pride Month, my lovely great grandmother released this outfit. I did not want to wait for my brilliant idea to show it off so here it is early! (Brilliant Idea Blog coming soon lol) This outfit comes in many options. YES there is a male version  for those with male bodies WOO. The shirts in all the options are the same, but the pants come in all of the appropriate rainbow colors ❤ Which I thought went perfectly with my favorite flowery hair.

Side note, sorry for blogging the same tattoo twice! I derped.


Hair: Exile::Coming Up Daisies

Glasses: .tsg. Shy Megane – Black

Top: .epoch. pride tank

Pants: .epoch. pride jeans Purle

Tattoo: **UrbanStreet** Doggo Tattoo

Shoes: FLite.– LONG BEACH LOW TOPS- GRAY @ The Arcade

Pose: Overlow Poses Pack 10


Take a Seat


Hey babes! Take a seat and stay a while, because I have a lot to talk about this posting day xD

Let’s start off with this hair. I will admit, I have not been to Wasabi Pills in a very long time. Their red textured were nothing like the gingers I usually wear, so any time I bought a hair, I would never wear it, because it just didn’t look like me anymore. BUT it has been brought to my attention that their updated texture pack had BRILLIANT reds! Yeah, I know this is not a red, but doesn’t a Pixie cut look just to die for in a funky color? I bought this hair in reds and colors because I could not resist. So stay tuned to possibly see it again in my natural ginger color ❤

Next, I am one of those people who may not like an item in the add, but once I see it on a friend, I realize how cute it is haha. My friend was wearing this romper one day, and it made me realize the shape is super nice. I may have mostly been put off because there are only 2 fun prints, and I am not a fan of plain rompers. If you DO like plain rompers, this one is available in a bunch of great simple, but also really pretty colors.

Speakeasy has made a great tattoo here. It is simple and fun. The colors are nice, and it has a pretty cool bad ass saying on it haha. Be sure to check it out at anyBODY, which is only open till the end of the month. So get your little pixel butt there soon!

Next, the chair. Just look at this pose. Glamrus has outdone herself with this gacha full of fun chair poses. They come with the chair, as well as just the animations, so if you like, you can use any chair you want. The couple poses are SO CUTE. But today I did not happen to have a friend prop D: So maybe another post for that one babes. But be sure to go grab them while you can!

Last but not least, let’s talk about these shoes. Not only are the textures amazing, the mesh is perfect, and the over all design is just SO dang cute! BUT it also is basically a fatpack for the price of one shoe babes. The ENTIRE thing is texture change via the HUD.I would have bought one color of this shoe for the price they are offering it for. I love Pure Poison and I am not saying they should raise their prices, because, hell, we obviously love that too. But for the quality this is an amazing bargain babes. Go. Get. Them.


Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Drew Mesh Hair

Glasses: (EPOQUE) Vintage Frames – Neutral

Romper: -Pixicat- Carefree.Playsuits – Flower @ Collabor88

Tattoo: {Speakeasy} Secrets Tattoo @ anyBODY

Shoes: Pure Poison – Neva Sandals – Slink @ Collabor88

Pose: Glamrus . Close . Female 01 @ The Chapter Four


Make Mine Mousey


Hey babes! Sorry I took about a week off unexpectedly. I had about a million things to do this week and they all kind of came up faster than I intended to have to deal with them >.<

BUT we cannot let that stop the babe nation from being able to look fabulous! So I threw together this little number with a bunch of simplicity and a balance of fun colors and accessories! Also tea… lots of tea…

Be sure to check out all these events. There are so many I cannot possibly type about them all individually SO, check out anyBODY while you still can. Only 5 says left to get these gooddies.

Also I love when my other mom makes single poses. They are my fav! These fun Moonie poses are available now and are fun as well as elegant ❤

Side note…. the pics of this tattoo turned out really bad and I had no time to retake them >.< SO this tattoo will be making another appearance in my next blog post Wednesday. Sorry about the crappyness babes D:



Mouse Ears: Noodles – Mouse Sweets Ears Lemon

Hair: .Olive. the Ocean Hair – Carrot Tea (from the Arcade)

Glasses: .Reckless. – Dash Glasses @ N21

Drink: REIGN.– Orange Fizzer- # 24 @ The Epiphany

Clutch: REIGN.– Boho Pouch 2- # 26 @ The Epiphany

Top: Dead Dollz 1. MyKawaiiTop – White @ The Epiphany

Shorts: .epoch. spring shorts / maitreya @ anyBODY

Tattoo: **UrbanStreet** Eternal Roses Tattoo-Dark @ Suicide Dollz

Shoes: REIGN.– Vitality Sandals – Tan

Pose: Glamrus – Moonie 05 @ Kawaii Project


Raindrops on Roses


Hey babes, lets put some whiskers on kittens and get down to business! LOOK AT THESE STOCKINGS

Yeah they are freaking amazing, and adorable. It’s anyBODY time again babes and for a little teaser, I bring to the table, these perfect stockings. They come in a few variations and even in a full stocking layer, not just the super long sock version I am sporting here. I am wearing them with my sweet updated Slink feet (just got the fat pack version, totally worth it babes) and I LOVE IT.

Next on the list, babes I spent way more linden than I care to admit trying to get this dang outfit. The Chapter Four has this adorable gacha with this amazing little undies and top out fit that is great, and I could not for the life of me get the rare. Meanwhile my wifey gets it on probably the first try lol AND my niece did too >.> Also check out these BEAUTIFUL eyes that are probably the best eyes I have ever seen. I keep wanting bright green eyes, and they are hard to find without them looking like my eyes are glowing, but the Skinnery has certainly nailed it!



Hair: [RA] Jolina Hair

Glasses: -tres blah- Sunnies – Floral

NEW EYES: [The Skinnery] Sona eye Collection 7 @ The Chapter Four

Outfit: . offbeat . Urbanlike : Loose WHITE tee / GRAY pants RARE @ The Chapter Four

Socks: AVICANDY Feeling Blue Collection @ anyBODY

Phone: [Cosmic Dust] – Cutesie Phone Typer // Sparkles @ The Chapter Four

Pose: Custom Pose


Flower Power


Hey babes. Have you ever seen that show Sabrina the Teenage Witch? In one episode, she feels like shes being pulled in different directions and splits into 4 different versions of herself to make everybody around her happy. I feel like that right now, haha. I would love to make three of me, one of which can go on vacation and lay on the beach and do absolutely nothing. Alone time is very important babes, always remember that.

On that note… take some by yourself time to check out ALL THE ANYBODY THIIIIIINGS. Babes I do not even hardly wear eyeliner and stuffs, but this time around I thought it worth it to give it a shot. I even ditched my glasses to show it off better ^.^

Next, let’s talk about this beautiful skirt. It is so pretty and elegant, and the high waist goes super well with this lovely applier top. I think I specifically like applier tops for the fact that they are so easy to pair with high waisted bottoms. I mean it can be sooo hard to get 2 meshes to work together and half the time you just wind up with a crop top. But, with this combination you get that super cute, loose on the bottom and tight on the top look that is always a classic ^.^ Pair it all off with some black boot thingy sneakers to give the look some fun contrast (as I always like) and you are done 😀

Last, but not least, please take a moment to admire this fun and elegant post from Glamrus. She has made some super cool and elegant poses for a gacha at The Chapter Four. They are actually made to be smoking poses, that come with a cigarette, but they look just as nice without the accessory, if smoking isn’t your thing.



Hair: Lamb. True Love Waits

Makeup: .ARISE. Val Eyeshadow / Color 1 LELUTKA HEAD APPLIER @ anyBODY

Top: BREED: Paul – Pink (omega) @ anyBODY

Skirt: .:Avanti:. Muse Skirt – Floral 4 @ anyBODY

Shoes: Lucien.Marcelo // BLACK RAMONES BOOTS “1L

Pose: GLAMRUS Light it Up Female 06 @ Chapter Four