Rock with Me


Aye babes! Today I am rockin out with my father, who has graciously agreed to be my pose prop. So, let’s talk about this pose. Glamrus has done another great job coming up with probably one of my favorite couple poses ever. This pose pack is so creative. It comes with all the props seen shows (not including my father lol) and the pose stand is actually the speakers haha. The same adjustment and swapping options are available as on her normal pose stands, so it is still super easy to use! Even the Guitar is transfer so you can pass it to whoever you are posing with. There are several pose options available so go check them out!


And for my outfit. Babes lets go from the hair down. Have you heard Blues is having a MAJOR hair sale due to the fact that her store moved??? Let me tell you. I have been checking and checking her store for this hair for months. Because I am a derp and didn’t know if I really wanted to buy it while it was at an evenr like 3 months ago? And ITS FINALLY IN HER STORE. So I bought that up real quick haha. And best part is, EVERYTHING is like 50% off. Even the super old cheapo hairs. Babes, I bought a hair for 35L!

Next. I love this shirt. You can’t see it all that well, but it says “I am surrounded by idiots” and i just love it. Even though it is a fairly old mesh shirt, the print is great, the shoulders are odd, but it still is textures well and obviously just speaks to me haha ❤

The pants were one of those cases where I was like “meh” when I saw them on Seraphim and then I saw them on my mom and was like …I NEED. Because they are much better in world than on the ad. The sides are great, the knees are texture change, and so are the side stripes actually, and the zippers are a great touch that add that extra pow that makes them pop. I am in love. And I may have been wearing this entire outfit for 3 days till this pose actually gets published rofl


Hair: Blues. Lexi

Glasses: .tsg. Shy Megane – Black

Top: .:villena:. – Sweatshirt [S] PalmTree

Pants: Addams // Rocker Zipper Jean // Maitreya @ Colabor88

Sneakers: FLite.– LONG BEACH LOW TOPS- GRAY @ The Arcade

Pose: Glamrus . Playing With Strings @ The Rock Attitude Fair



Take a Seat


Hey babes! Take a seat and stay a while, because I have a lot to talk about this posting day xD

Let’s start off with this hair. I will admit, I have not been to Wasabi Pills in a very long time. Their red textured were nothing like the gingers I usually wear, so any time I bought a hair, I would never wear it, because it just didn’t look like me anymore. BUT it has been brought to my attention that their updated texture pack had BRILLIANT reds! Yeah, I know this is not a red, but doesn’t a Pixie cut look just to die for in a funky color? I bought this hair in reds and colors because I could not resist. So stay tuned to possibly see it again in my natural ginger color ❤

Next, I am one of those people who may not like an item in the add, but once I see it on a friend, I realize how cute it is haha. My friend was wearing this romper one day, and it made me realize the shape is super nice. I may have mostly been put off because there are only 2 fun prints, and I am not a fan of plain rompers. If you DO like plain rompers, this one is available in a bunch of great simple, but also really pretty colors.

Speakeasy has made a great tattoo here. It is simple and fun. The colors are nice, and it has a pretty cool bad ass saying on it haha. Be sure to check it out at anyBODY, which is only open till the end of the month. So get your little pixel butt there soon!

Next, the chair. Just look at this pose. Glamrus has outdone herself with this gacha full of fun chair poses. They come with the chair, as well as just the animations, so if you like, you can use any chair you want. The couple poses are SO CUTE. But today I did not happen to have a friend prop D: So maybe another post for that one babes. But be sure to go grab them while you can!

Last but not least, let’s talk about these shoes. Not only are the textures amazing, the mesh is perfect, and the over all design is just SO dang cute! BUT it also is basically a fatpack for the price of one shoe babes. The ENTIRE thing is texture change via the HUD.I would have bought one color of this shoe for the price they are offering it for. I love Pure Poison and I am not saying they should raise their prices, because, hell, we obviously love that too. But for the quality this is an amazing bargain babes. Go. Get. Them.


Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Drew Mesh Hair

Glasses: (EPOQUE) Vintage Frames – Neutral

Romper: -Pixicat- Carefree.Playsuits – Flower @ Collabor88

Tattoo: {Speakeasy} Secrets Tattoo @ anyBODY

Shoes: Pure Poison – Neva Sandals – Slink @ Collabor88

Pose: Glamrus . Close . Female 01 @ The Chapter Four


Spot On


Hey babes! Thanks for viewing this slightly awkward picture of my brother and I. Haha, we are adorable though, you have to admit. The family that pose props together eh…?

Anyways, this is the latest part of the Pose Fair adventure. Be sure to grab this adorable one at the Pose Fair from Glamrus!

Babes, this is one of my favorite hairs. i am not sure why I have never blogged it before haha. I remember buying it and wearing it for like 2 weeks straight. I love the bangs, I love the color, I love everything. It goes so well with this dress, which I may have also work for 2 weeks straight because it is just so dang cute, and goes with practically everything. I slapped it together with this really fun tattoo I happened to stumble upon and poof! It compliments the spots so well ^.^

Last but not least is these fun shoes from Epoch. They are very simple and go with just about anything. There are a bunch of fun colors as well as simple ones. You can never have too many wedges. Plus they are great for that spring weather that is here! (or hopefully coming if you live where I do and THE SNOW HAS NOT STOPPED D:)


Hair: .Olive. the Glitch Hair

Glasses: [Z O O M] Zarp Glasses

Dress: Stories&Co. by Flowey / Audrey Dress – Dalmatian Maitreya @ Collabor88

Tattoo: Infected – Puzzle Tattoo

Shoes: .epoch. nevaeh wedges / white wedge @ anyBODY

Couple Pose: Glamrus . Something About You @ Pose Fair

Single Pose: Overlow Poses – Pack 47



It Was Only A Kiss


Hey babes! I want to say a big thank you to my wifey for being my pose prop today, doesn’t she look beautiful ladies and gentlemen? Sorry, I was in a rush and could not get her credits, because I suck >.<

Anyways, huge announcement for the night. Pose Fair is coming up soon babes! Tomorrow in fact! I think. Anywho, Glamrus has worked SUPER hard to pump out 15, yes 15, poses for you babes this year. She has her store right up front so it is super easy to find, and like come on… do you babes see this pose? (/me drools). Not all of the poses are this, intimate though, so for you single folks, there are some great friendly poses I will be posting about at another time. Let me also state, that these poses are very user friendly, easy to adjust and honestly, do not need as much adjusting as most couple poses you see in SL. So that is my biggest plus about these. Also, the pose box you stand on easily turns visible and invisible at the click of a mouse! ❤

Next up, let us drool over this lingerie set…go ahead, drool, I will wait.



Okay now that we are all cleaned up, this set is really nice, I love the color choices it has ans the top part can be separately from the bottom. But the stockings must be worn with the bottom part. Which isn’t really all that terrible of a downside. The textures are lovely and it is way easy to use.

Let me mention this new skin babes, it is fabulous! It is at Collabor88 so the price is amazing, the detail is beautiful as always, the only complaint is the only eyebrows it comes with are brown. So I needed to change that. BUT like I said it is at a special price, so who am I to complain about something so fixable? Collab, has a million other goodies like this hair, which I am IN LOVE with. You can even take off the flowers, for a not so spring look, if you want to live the boring life. The flowers go great with these boots though, so YES i decided to keep it quirky and wear freaking rain boots with lingerie ❤



NEW SKIN: [the skinnery] Rose (Lelutka Applier) – Champagne @ Collabor88

Eyebrows: ARISE Amber Eyebrows

Hair: Exile::Coming Up Daisies – Reds @ Collabor88

Glasses: [Z O O M] Zarp Glasses

Lingerie set: LE FORME Dolce Lingerie Mauve @ anyBODY

Boots: *Tentacio* Boots Yellow @ Collabor883

Pose: GLAMRUS – Habits NEW RELEASE @ Pose Fair


Smoking Meowt


Hey babes. I have been wanting to wear this outfit ever since I bought it, but sometimes it just doesn’t happen. But that can be a good thing, because if I wait long enough, more events come out aaaand MORE STUFF TO GO WITH IT.

I was so excited when I saw these gloves that I HAD to have them. I don’t usually go for stuff like these, but the bow and the rings are defo a selling point for me Plus they make the outfit for sure!

Next I want to point out my eyes, Normally I don’t change my eyes from green, buuuuut these purple ones from my sponsor are pretty dang awesome. I love them so much, I may take a little green break… Okay maybe like a week green break >.>

Also sorry babes about the no link for the shoes. They are super duper old and I didn’t realize the store had closed to long ago. On the bright side, if you have these old shoes, dust them off and give them a try again. They may be prim shoes, but the textures are so good, all my friends thought they were mesh!



Hair: Lamb. Love Fade @ Collabor88

Glasses: 15.Reckless.- DirtBag Glasses

Eyes: .{PSYCHO:Byts}. Snow Queen Eyes – Violet

Top: -Pixicat- Flirty.Top – White @ Collabor88

Skirt: -Pixicat- Flirty.Skirt – Plum @ Collabor88

Leggings: erratic / basics – printed leggings B&W

Shoes: Reek – Swell Sneaks – Girls

Dog:REIGN.- Plushies (SCARF)- #2 RARE @ N21

Backpack: Tentacio Cat backpack galaxy Rare @ Kustom9

Gloves: **RE** Bow Leather Glove @ Shiny Shabby




Shore Thing


Hey babes, we are over a month into winter and still no snow here. I feel like the only reason it ever needs to be this cold is if it is snowing >.> So this chickie decided shes sick of le cold and is gonna do a beach post. BRING ON THE WARM

Also it is an anyBODY post, so there is that. haha. I love this outfit, it reminds me of a sort of retro skating down the boardwalk look where I live in RL. The colors are a lot of fun and just enough to offset the bottom part which is just plain white.

Then a few days after me deciding to post this outfit, my tattoo sponsor sent out this little gem of a tattoo 😀 I really like all the random symbols and such that don’t particularly have to look like anything at all to make the whole thing flow really well.

Last but not least, I topped it off with this Little Bones hair. To be honest, Little Bones, hasn’t been particularly thrilling me in a long time, but slowly I have become more and more into their hairs again. Hopefully this is a trend that will keep on going ^.^


Hair: little bones. KillKill – Reds @ Collabor88

Outfit: Emporium – Hathaway Outfit 1 @ anyBODY

Skates: N-core SKATES “Nude” for Maitreya Lara

Tattoo: -Rust Republic- [U will] Tattoo

Pose: Overlow Poses – Pack 51


Life is a Beach


Hey babes, all the amazing-ness of all these new events is gonna take a huge toll on my always skimpy winter paychecks haha.

I have been so tired of all this winter stuff that I decided to take a break and dash to a moderately warm beach. But obviously cold enough to need some comfy tights. 0.0 Actually, I have been meaning to do a shorts and tights combo post for ages now, but never could find anything I liked. THEN…. .Epoch. decided to save my fashion life and come out with something for Fi*Friday for you babes 😀 So be sure to check it out. The tights come in three color options in the pack!

Also I would like to mention this pretty awesome tattoo store I discovered yesterday. It’s nice to see some different faces in the Second Life world of tattoo. Don’t get me wrong I like a lot of the big name people, but to be fair, I get tired of blogging all the same tattoo places all the time. And you could possibly say I am a bit hipster about tattoo brands in SL. haha


Hair: [e] Khloe 2 @ Epiphany (the exclusive)

Glasses: (Yummy) Round Faceted Glasses – Silver & Hologram Lens @ Collabor88

Shirt: -tres blah- Knotted Tank – Grey @ Collabor88

Shorts & Tights: .epoch. [touch me] @ fi*friday

Boots: [ hoorenbeek ] Mesh Military Boots

Beer: 1.Reckless. – Beer Caddy @ Epiphany

Tattoo: –7P– Paradise Tattoo

Pose: NEW Overlow poses – pack 73