I Hate Watermelon But We Cute


Hiya babes! Today I am doing a special post just for this pose, cuz well its the cutest thing ever. Also, I don’t usually kiddo blog. I may start though a little bit, because my amazing niece is starting up a store and she is a super talented mesher! So keep your eyes peeled for that.

But today we are here to talk about this posse. The pose is actually the watermelons set out. It has the same menu we are all know and love, and does come with the mouth messy stuff! 2 of them are trans so your friends can share 😀

Pose: Glamrus Kids. Juicy Summer @ Color Me Cute


The Best Pants are No Pants


Hey babes! I think the title of this post basically speaks for how I feel now. And how I feel every day to be fair haha xD Anywho I know I have been blogging mostly Epoch this month, but to be fair, she has been super busy! Coming out with ALL THE THINGS. This week we have a cute pajama set. The fashionable tied up tee comes in many options that include some fun phrases (including Mother of Dragons babes) but today I was feeling a bit simple, so you babes can go check out the phrases in world 😛

I adore the corset-ish detail on the undies of this set. It is on both sides, and really sets them apart from normal boring undies. This makes them both cute and sexy at the same time! I popped on some casual shoes with these tube socks to keep my legs warm even though I am not wearing pants and POOF! Adorable, fun, sexy yet modest outfit? I am full of weirdness today. But I look cute doing it, so who can argue?


Hair: !Oleander ~ Tegan. @ Summerfest 2016

Top: .epoch. bad day set / top / Grey scale @ Suicide Dollz

Undies: .epoch. bad day set / bottom @Suicide Dolls

Shoes: AMITOMO // Joining you GACHA / 8 / MAITREYA / Long @ Kustom9

Pose: Overlow Poses Pack 72




Hey babes. I decided to get fancy and flawless today in one of Epoch’s newest outfits, just in time for Fi*Friday! I like this outfit because its pretty sexy while covering a lot. Not that I have a problem with showing off the old skin pixels lol. It also has the option for the leggings to go half way down your foot. Which is something I really like, but I decided against it because I had so much going on with the purse and such. But it’s something you can wear fairly casually and be hot or more dressy. I went for the dressier look today, because, well I just felt like it lol. Pair this number up with a fun and fancy bag, and some simple yet elegant heels and you have a fun classy look.

Also babes, this bag is super cheap and comes with a completely customizable color HUD. I bought it like forever ago at a Collab I think and it turned out to com in pretty handy with all the colors!


Hair: Blues. Trish

Glasses: .tsg. Shy Megane – Black

Outfit: .epoch. flawless crop + leggings / white @ Fi*friday

Purse: …Mutresse… Mona Bag – Held in hand

Bracelets: Bowtique – Baroque Bangles

Shoes: Ingenue :: Zora Heels (Slink) :: Noir

Pose: Overlow PosesPack 47

Rock with Me


Aye babes! Today I am rockin out with my father, who has graciously agreed to be my pose prop. So, let’s talk about this pose. Glamrus has done another great job coming up with probably one of my favorite couple poses ever. This pose pack is so creative. It comes with all the props seen shows (not including my father lol) and the pose stand is actually the speakers haha. The same adjustment and swapping options are available as on her normal pose stands, so it is still super easy to use! Even the Guitar is transfer so you can pass it to whoever you are posing with. There are several pose options available so go check them out!


And for my outfit. Babes lets go from the hair down. Have you heard Blues is having a MAJOR hair sale due to the fact that her store moved??? Let me tell you. I have been checking and checking her store for this hair for months. Because I am a derp and didn’t know if I really wanted to buy it while it was at an evenr like 3 months ago? And ITS FINALLY IN HER STORE. So I bought that up real quick haha. And best part is, EVERYTHING is like 50% off. Even the super old cheapo hairs. Babes, I bought a hair for 35L!

Next. I love this shirt. You can’t see it all that well, but it says “I am surrounded by idiots” and i just love it. Even though it is a fairly old mesh shirt, the print is great, the shoulders are odd, but it still is textures well and obviously just speaks to me haha ❤

The pants were one of those cases where I was like “meh” when I saw them on Seraphim and then I saw them on my mom and was like …I NEED. Because they are much better in world than on the ad. The sides are great, the knees are texture change, and so are the side stripes actually, and the zippers are a great touch that add that extra pow that makes them pop. I am in love. And I may have been wearing this entire outfit for 3 days till this pose actually gets published rofl


Hair: Blues. Lexi

Glasses: .tsg. Shy Megane – Black

Top: .:villena:. – Sweatshirt [S] PalmTree

Pants: Addams // Rocker Zipper Jean // Maitreya @ Colabor88

Sneakers: FLite.– LONG BEACH LOW TOPS- GRAY @ The Arcade

Pose: Glamrus . Playing With Strings @ The Rock Attitude Fair




Hey babes, I don’t normally write out posts like this, but today I stand my avi on an amazing beach my father made for our new family land, in an outfit my great grandmother made recently for Pride Month, on a day that comes after the Orlando Massacre. On one hand it is nice to see all over social media and the news how (most) people are banding together to help out and show their support of all the families and friends what will never be able to dance, laugh or speak with their loved ones again. I just read an article about the last text messages one man sent to his mother before he died. It reminds me of the text messages the kids on that ferry boat years ago sent their parents. I think the text messages always get to me the most, because it is when a person realizes its the end, and there is nothing they can do but say goodbye. So my thoughts and prayers, yeah prayers, are with Orlando today, and for a while, hoping that one day, maybe, the government and the people will care enough to do more about it.

On to talking about the normal things though. Just as I came up with a brilliant blog post idea for Pride Month, my lovely great grandmother released this outfit. I did not want to wait for my brilliant idea to show it off so here it is early! (Brilliant Idea Blog coming soon lol) This outfit comes in many options. YES there is a male version  for those with male bodies WOO. The shirts in all the options are the same, but the pants come in all of the appropriate rainbow colors ❤ Which I thought went perfectly with my favorite flowery hair.

Side note, sorry for blogging the same tattoo twice! I derped.


Hair: Exile::Coming Up Daisies

Glasses: .tsg. Shy Megane – Black

Top: .epoch. pride tank

Pants: .epoch. pride jeans Purle

Tattoo: **UrbanStreet** Doggo Tattoo

Shoes: FLite.– LONG BEACH LOW TOPS- GRAY @ The Arcade

Pose: Overlow Poses Pack 10


Lazy River


Hey babes! Have you ever been to a lazy river ride? They are the best, I could stay in them for hours honestly lol GLARUS has made this amazing gacha all about pool floatie tubes! The commons are regular rez and sit on poses like the picture above. There are 2 rares. One is a rez and sit rare with all of the poses set up as animations! It is also color change, which is great! All the Female commons are yellow, and the male ones are green. Which I respect, and am so glad they aren’t typical pink and blue! The other rare is an adorable holdable pose that allows your AO to still work, so you can walk around with it and just be cute as hell! Be sure to grab them while you can, in the gacha room of The Chapter Four ❤

Next we have this bikini. Babes I was really really happy about this bikini. It is different and exotic. The textures are cute and it fits very well. I was really pleased to see something different come from Birdy at the Arcade. And they did not fail to impress me 😀

Last but not least Winged has a great simple set of flip flops available for the Women’s Only Hunt! They fit many kinds of feet and are not rigged so you can move them around for poses like I have done in one of the pictures below! They have cute skull details that if you wear them on the tip toe feet and adjust them then you can see the skulls the whole time. Which is something I like to do, because if I have cute flip flops then why not show them off eh?

Check out what Envi is wearing here!



Hair: [monso] My Hair – Sujin /Red

Glasses: .tsg. Shy Megane – Black

Bikini: Birdy – Boho – Bikini Purple @ The Arcade

Tattoo: **UrbanStreet** Doggo Tattoo @

Shoes: .Winged. Summer FlipFlops – Skull @ Women’s Only Hunt

Water Tube Pose: Glamrus . Summer Floats Tube //F06 @ The Chapter Four

Standing Tube: Glamrus . Summer Floatie Holdable //F (with arm animation) @ The Chapter Four


Cat Fishing


Hey babes! It looks like WINGED is back people, and I am loving her new stuff. These headphones are so adorable! I know the cat headphones thing has been around for a bit, but come on, these have a bow on them 😀 The texturing is lovely as usual, and they come in a bunch of fun colors with glowing lights :O My only suggestion would be I wish you could change the color of the glow, but they are always blue. Oh well, nothing is perfect eh?

Next WINGED also has these shorts. They fit well, again good texturing and come in a bunch of great colors. There is even a punk version with fun patches on them. I was going to wear them, but then I thought too much black for me in one outfit haha. And the lavender matches the headphones. Also I forgot to take a butt pic, but the back pockets are grey, which breaks up all the lavender in a really nice way.

I thought the dropping color top really helped pull in all the colors. We have the purple, as well as the blue from the headphones glow and the deep purple also helps pull in the shoes. Plus obviously the black pulls in the shoes as well. I love these galaxy print shies. I am really into the chunky boot thing. Idk why, maybe because it puts together heels, which I rarely like, and boots which I love in a short boot casual kind of way, that is also a little classy. Wow run on sentences xD


Headphones: .WINGED. Kitty Headphones – Purple @ The Dressing Room

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Ryleigh Mesh Hair

Glasses: .tsg. Shy Megane – Black

Top: -SU!- Cult Logic Crop Top #05

Upper tattoo: {Speakeasy} Crazy Cat Lady

Shorts: .WINGED. Summer Shorts Purple @ anyBODY

Lower Tattoo: *Queen oF Ink* – Tattoo Sea

Shoes: Goth1c0: Galaxy Ankle Suede Boots

Pose: Overlow Poses – Pose Pact 1 1