The Best Pants are No Pants


Hey babes! I think the title of this post basically speaks for how I feel now. And how I feel every day to be fair haha xD Anywho I know I have been blogging mostly Epoch this month, but to be fair, she has been super busy! Coming out with ALL THE THINGS. This week we have a cute pajama set. The fashionable tied up tee comes in many options that include some fun phrases (including Mother of Dragons babes) but today I was feeling a bit simple, so you babes can go check out the phrases in world 😛

I adore the corset-ish detail on the undies of this set. It is on both sides, and really sets them apart from normal boring undies. This makes them both cute and sexy at the same time! I popped on some casual shoes with these tube socks to keep my legs warm even though I am not wearing pants and POOF! Adorable, fun, sexy yet modest outfit? I am full of weirdness today. But I look cute doing it, so who can argue?


Hair: !Oleander ~ Tegan. @ Summerfest 2016

Top: .epoch. bad day set / top / Grey scale @ Suicide Dollz

Undies: .epoch. bad day set / bottom @Suicide Dolls

Shoes: AMITOMO // Joining you GACHA / 8 / MAITREYA / Long @ Kustom9

Pose: Overlow Poses Pack 72





Hey babes. I decided to get fancy and flawless today in one of Epoch’s newest outfits, just in time for Fi*Friday! I like this outfit because its pretty sexy while covering a lot. Not that I have a problem with showing off the old skin pixels lol. It also has the option for the leggings to go half way down your foot. Which is something I really like, but I decided against it because I had so much going on with the purse and such. But it’s something you can wear fairly casually and be hot or more dressy. I went for the dressier look today, because, well I just felt like it lol. Pair this number up with a fun and fancy bag, and some simple yet elegant heels and you have a fun classy look.

Also babes, this bag is super cheap and comes with a completely customizable color HUD. I bought it like forever ago at a Collab I think and it turned out to com in pretty handy with all the colors!


Hair: Blues. Trish

Glasses: .tsg. Shy Megane – Black

Outfit: .epoch. flawless crop + leggings / white @ Fi*friday

Purse: …Mutresse… Mona Bag – Held in hand

Bracelets: Bowtique – Baroque Bangles

Shoes: Ingenue :: Zora Heels (Slink) :: Noir

Pose: Overlow PosesPack 47



Hey babes, I don’t normally write out posts like this, but today I stand my avi on an amazing beach my father made for our new family land, in an outfit my great grandmother made recently for Pride Month, on a day that comes after the Orlando Massacre. On one hand it is nice to see all over social media and the news how (most) people are banding together to help out and show their support of all the families and friends what will never be able to dance, laugh or speak with their loved ones again. I just read an article about the last text messages one man sent to his mother before he died. It reminds me of the text messages the kids on that ferry boat years ago sent their parents. I think the text messages always get to me the most, because it is when a person realizes its the end, and there is nothing they can do but say goodbye. So my thoughts and prayers, yeah prayers, are with Orlando today, and for a while, hoping that one day, maybe, the government and the people will care enough to do more about it.

On to talking about the normal things though. Just as I came up with a brilliant blog post idea for Pride Month, my lovely great grandmother released this outfit. I did not want to wait for my brilliant idea to show it off so here it is early! (Brilliant Idea Blog coming soon lol) This outfit comes in many options. YES there is a male version  for those with male bodies WOO. The shirts in all the options are the same, but the pants come in all of the appropriate rainbow colors ❤ Which I thought went perfectly with my favorite flowery hair.

Side note, sorry for blogging the same tattoo twice! I derped.


Hair: Exile::Coming Up Daisies

Glasses: .tsg. Shy Megane – Black

Top: .epoch. pride tank

Pants: .epoch. pride jeans Purle

Tattoo: **UrbanStreet** Doggo Tattoo

Shoes: FLite.– LONG BEACH LOW TOPS- GRAY @ The Arcade

Pose: Overlow Poses Pack 10


Magic Mermaid


Hey babes, this outfit made me feel mermaid-ish at first, hence the color combo, but then I found this house and thought it suited as well. I think witches can dress like mermaids too right?

Anyways, I love this bodysuit. I love the scales and the dark yet also bright colors, its super fun and different. It also had non scaled options. It’s simple yet unique at the same time, and the textures are lovely. Epoch has certainly outdone herself this time 😀 These leggings are also available with the bodysuit at Suicide Dollz. They come in just as many nice colors so you can match or mix them up if you like. But the event isn’t open for long to be sure you take the link there before it goes away!

Meanwhile this light blue hair I feel goes really well with this outfit. The light tones help offset the darker colors of the outfit and make it just more fun and creative. I love colored hair. As an added bonus its part of 50L Friday, so grab these colors at this price while you can!


Hair: Blues. Tonia for FLF

Glasses: .tsg. Shy Megane – Black

Bodysuit: epoch. addison bodysuit / lara @ Suicide Dollz

Leggings: .epoch. / omega applier / electric leggings / green @ Suicide Dollz

Pose: Overlow Poses – Pack 1


To Market


Hey babes, would you believe that is is REALLY hard to find a Farmer’s Market location in SL that isn’t “ahem” adult. Anyways, my brother walked up to me the other day with this bag of lemons. He was basically obsessed with it for the entire week. And then I realized that the bad was texture change and it was hella cute. SO I had to get it. ofc it is a gacha though, so I tried like 10 times to get this dang bag. It isn’t even a rare and I couldn’t get it. So i gave my brother the last bit of Linden I was willing to spend, and that brat pulls it on the first try. He is very useful when I want rares, let me tell you lol

This romper, is amazing. I loved it the second I saw it on Facebook, and was so mad when the vendor would not work the first day of the event >.< But it is fixed now, so you can go get your own! It is really simple but comes with this lovely chain belt that really pulls it all together. The shape and cut of it are unique to the rest of the million rompers that are becoming so popular lately, and I like the simple color patterns. Or lack of patterns, but yeah. The fatpack comes with exclusive lace details, which are really nice! I just was not in the mood to spend all that Linden lol.

Babes, let’s talk about this tattoo while we can. Speakeasy has come out with 2 limited tattoos lately and this one is my favorite of the two. It has cats on your legs! CATS! It is a lot of fun and really interesting. But there are only about 150 left, so get them while you can!



Hair: [e] Aspyn

Glasses: .tsg. Shy Megane – Black

Necklace: *Figment* Cameo Choker @ The Fantasy Collective

Romper: **RE** Deliah Romper – Navy @ Shiny Shabby

Bag: Lark – Market Bag (Lemons) (gacha located here)

Tattoo: { Speakeasy } Murmer (limited)

Shoes: *agp* Ellie laceup sandals / sand-Maitreya @ Cosmopolitan

Pose: Overlow Poses Gift 1




Hey babes. Have you ever just needed a day to yourself so you felt like going on an adventure? You go off by yourself and do whatever? Today in RL i went shopping in this adorable little town and got some amazing little pretty things. It can be so relaxing to adventure alone. This background kind of reminds me of that. Exploring a quiet little place, the quiet is almost soul healing.

Anyways, on to the outfit. These pants… I mean look at these pants… They are just simply perfect. Babes, I bought the fatpack because I simply could not decide which color to buy. Black goes with everything, but brown and green are earthy and beautiful, while pink is really fun. I have had a ball this week mixing the colors with different tops. Though I thought it not fair to blog the same pants over and over this month with different tops. Do not fret though. One day I will return to you with a different color. Probably n a day that you have pretty much forgotten about them, because we always forget about clothes haha.

I was pretty much waiting around for Epoch to give me this top. As soon as the advert came out for it. I HAD to have it. I love how simple and flowy it is. The colors are great. Plus in world it comes with shorts to match. The shorts are great too, I just also really wanted to blog these pants I spent at least 5 minutes typing about. Haha, but yes this top is very cute. The print is fun and soft in this color, but is a bit bolder in other colors, so I suggest buying more than one color to be able to change up the look a bit. Also it is super cheap! ❤


Hair: Magika – Checkpoint – 01 Color Pack

Glasses: (EPOQUE) Vintage Frames – Neutral

Top: .epoch. lexa floral tank / maitreya / khaki (was at Fi*Friday, but I am late, should be in main store soon I think <3)

Tattoo: **UrbanStreet** Eternal Roses Tattoo-Middle-Hud

Pants: -Pixicat- Hunter.Pants (Maitreya) @ We Love RP

Shoes: FLite. Malibu Lows Olive F

Pose: Overlow Pose Pack 74


Fun and Fancy Free


Hey babes, today I was feeling like being fancy but not too fancy. I love this dress. The cut outs are fun and sexy, all while making you look adorably curvy. The color is lovely, as well as all the other colors I cannot seem to recall at the moment haha. It’s fitmesh so that always makes things nice and easy, only slight body alphaing needed 😀

I decided to pair the dress with some more casual shoes and hair. I will admit, I was a bit iffy about this hair at first. But I decided to try it on and pretty much fell in love. It is an elegant style with a casual texture that makes it both fun and dressy. It kind of reminds me of elegance with personality. Just like these sneakers which are obviously casual, but dressed up juuuust a little with the foot pose haha. Mix it all together with a sweet tattoo, and this amazing pose and instant gorgeous blog post xD


Hair: Besom~ Burn Down

Glasses: ISON – quinton glasses (monochrome) (found on MP)

Dress: Indented: Miranda l Maroon Maitreya (beta) @ anyBODY

Tattoo: -7P- [Prodigy Ink] Paradise

Shoes: HT – Hayato Sneakers Tip-Toe

Pose: Overlow Pack 27 (6)