Take the Train


Hey babes. This outfit kind of came out of nowhere. Originally I thought this shirt was a romper and then I thought it was a shirt when I cammed in closer. But it turns out it was a dress rofl. But you all should know me by now and how I roll with dresses most of the time… So LOOK AT THIS SHIRT. I love it. It reminds me of a very old shirt of mine. Like we are talking probably the first shirt I ever bought on SL. I remember the day clearly. I bought 2 shirts and 2 pairs of pants and told myself I would only ever upload enough money into this game to buy that. HAHAHA. Now I’m a blogger >.>

So let’s talk about this hair. My daughter gave it to me a while ago (like a few weeks ago, maybe 2) and I can’t for the life of me remember where she got it. I just opened it today to see how it looked and I love it! I love how Doe has 2 toned hairs that you can also have both sides be the same if you like. I also love her fun colors. Her gingers are very vibrant. I don’t always feel like having that kind of ginger, but I do really like them. ❤

I was feeling a lot more accessories than usual today. I never got out a blog post with this bat I had been wanting to post. And then I remembered it would go great with these fun elbow pads. My only complaint, is I wish they would be updated to fitmesh. These are a bit hard to fit if you do not have a super tiny shape. So make sure you try a demo babes. Also I finally decided to get some of those big round glasses. I am pretty picky about them because I think a lot of them make my face look weird. But these ones my niece showed me are perfect! And super cheap, so go get em!



Hair: Doe: Emerson (twotone) – Gingers

Glasses: .the sigar garden. Shy Megane – Black

Top: [sYs] SENSA tank dress (Maitreya body) – black/black @ Shiny Shabby

Pants: .epoch. / applier hud / rhia jeans / grayscale pack

Headphones :-David Heather-Headphones/Scripted/ (from past Arcade

Bat: Blueberry & Grixdale – Madcap – Bat – Pink

Shoes: FLite. -Skyhigh L Black

Elbow Pads: [BODY FACTORY] Urban Elbows (Female)

Pose: Custom




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