I Can Feel You


Hey babes, today I am here to show off this pose, and these shorts ❤

First of all, look at my butt, now look at me, now back to my butt. 0.0

Ok for real though, I went to Kustom9 pretty much JUST for these shorts. I did buy other things, I think… but mostly was waiting around to find the shorts the whole time lol xD Bueno always does an excellent job with texting, and the fit is perfect. They are sporty AND lazy all at the same time. So wether you want pixel yoga or to bum it around lookin cute, these shorts will help get the job done! My pose prop says they are his favorite shorts lol 😀

Next, I know I have talked about this hair before, but just a brief revisit. I love this hair!It is a ton of fun, its geeky and weird but also really cute in its own way. If only it was available in the new texture packs I have been raving about D:

Last, the reason for the post… To show off Glamrus’ newest and cutest pose. Okay not THE cutest of all her poses, especially once you see what I have panned for you soon, BUT its pretty great. I love the title, its kind of funny really. But the pose is also slightly romantic in of itself, it could look like cuddling, or a fight or just like somebody has a headache. I love how it can be used many different ways based on how you plan out your picture. So to further show it off, I may have taken more pictures than needed. But eh… here are ALL THE ANGLES!



Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Rey Mesh Hair

Top: Foxes – Festival – Tassled Tank – Lara – Eye

Shorts: BUENO– May Shorts- HG-Lilac @ Kustom9

Pose: Glamrus . Not Tonight @ The Dressing Room



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