Fun and Fancy Free


Hey babes, today I was feeling like being fancy but not too fancy. I love this dress. The cut outs are fun and sexy, all while making you look adorably curvy. The color is lovely, as well as all the other colors I cannot seem to recall at the moment haha. It’s fitmesh so that always makes things nice and easy, only slight body alphaing needed 😀

I decided to pair the dress with some more casual shoes and hair. I will admit, I was a bit iffy about this hair at first. But I decided to try it on and pretty much fell in love. It is an elegant style with a casual texture that makes it both fun and dressy. It kind of reminds me of elegance with personality. Just like these sneakers which are obviously casual, but dressed up juuuust a little with the foot pose haha. Mix it all together with a sweet tattoo, and this amazing pose and instant gorgeous blog post xD


Hair: Besom~ Burn Down

Glasses: ISON – quinton glasses (monochrome) (found on MP)

Dress: Indented: Miranda l Maroon Maitreya (beta) @ anyBODY

Tattoo: -7P- [Prodigy Ink] Paradise

Shoes: HT – Hayato Sneakers Tip-Toe

Pose: Overlow Pack 27 (6)



Just Keep Swimming


Hey babes! In order to make up for lost time I am having to blog like the wind. So.. day two! Lets all go to the beach 🙂

My lovely mother has made this great pose for us, that is actually advertised as a kiddo pose. But we all know how much I like to bend the rules… So here we have my kid brother and I swimming around in a pose that actually turned out to look a little bit elegant as well as fun. I decided to use the Mooney poses again in my single pose for this post because they are just so good, So here is another pose in the pack for your enjoyment.

I love this swimsuit so much. I cannot explain how much really. It is a bit classy because it is a one piece but has all the belly showing fun of a two piece! It also makes my hips look big, but in a good and cute sexy kind of way. So this is a great choice if you are hanging with the kiddos and don’t feel like wearing one of SL’s strings that cover JUST the naughty bits, but also want to make your partner be like “HELLO”

Last but not least, these shoes. I was a bit wary of them when I first saw them, but they are a prime example of looking better on your avatar than in the Ad. Also another example of something that may be weird when thought about in RL but SL fashion is quite different eh?

Be sure to check out Envi’s outfit here!



Hair: Lamb. True Love Waits

Swimsuit: Blueberry – One Piece Swimsuit – Maitreya

Tattoo: **UrbanStreet** Eternal Roses Tattoo-Dark @ Suicide Dollz

Shoes: (Milk Motion) tennis sneakers – copper metal toe @ N21

Pose (Me and Envi): Glamrus – Just Keep Swimming

Pose (Single): Glamrus – Moonie 01 @ Kawaii Project


Make Mine Mousey


Hey babes! Sorry I took about a week off unexpectedly. I had about a million things to do this week and they all kind of came up faster than I intended to have to deal with them >.<

BUT we cannot let that stop the babe nation from being able to look fabulous! So I threw together this little number with a bunch of simplicity and a balance of fun colors and accessories! Also tea… lots of tea…

Be sure to check out all these events. There are so many I cannot possibly type about them all individually SO, check out anyBODY while you still can. Only 5 says left to get these gooddies.

Also I love when my other mom makes single poses. They are my fav! These fun Moonie poses are available now and are fun as well as elegant ❤

Side note…. the pics of this tattoo turned out really bad and I had no time to retake them >.< SO this tattoo will be making another appearance in my next blog post Wednesday. Sorry about the crappyness babes D:



Mouse Ears: Noodles – Mouse Sweets Ears Lemon

Hair: .Olive. the Ocean Hair – Carrot Tea (from the Arcade)

Glasses: .Reckless. – Dash Glasses @ N21

Drink: REIGN.– Orange Fizzer- # 24 @ The Epiphany

Clutch: REIGN.– Boho Pouch 2- # 26 @ The Epiphany

Top: Dead Dollz 1. MyKawaiiTop – White @ The Epiphany

Shorts: .epoch. spring shorts / maitreya @ anyBODY

Tattoo: **UrbanStreet** Eternal Roses Tattoo-Dark @ Suicide Dollz

Shoes: REIGN.– Vitality Sandals – Tan

Pose: Glamrus – Moonie 05 @ Kawaii Project


Pretty Little Duckling


Hey babes, I called this pretty duckling because I strongly discourage people calling themselves ugly. Even in the stereotypical society its only true 5% of the time, and in the real world that we should all recognize, where stereotypes don’t matter, it is never true. So, breathe babes, you are always pretty. Even the boys. Or handsome, for whoever prefers that xD

Anyways, look at hos lovely these pants are. Just look at them. Take a moment to appreciate them. They are applier pants and I didn’t even realize till I opened the box lol. The texturing is wonderful and you should buy them in ALL the colors. Just saying! Every girl needs a good pair of applier pants in SL. They are easy for those odd fitting shirts like this one.

Don’t get me wrong, this shirt is awesome. I love it. There have been a lot of these kinds of shirts coming out this spring season and this one is my favorite for sure. I love the color, I love the design, and it is easy to fit with other clothes. But we all know, odd shirts can be difficult to fit with mesh bottoms. So applier pants are here to help!

This hair is probably my favorite up do ever. I was looking for an up do for maybe 2 days, 5 hours each to wear to my moms’ wedding. And nothing was really my style while also being dressy. It was either too sophisticated or too messy, or too high school prom. I happened to stumble on this beauty on Marketplace in an advertisement lol. And it was perfect. I have worn it probably every day since. Just so you know, it IS tinted. I bought it in blond because the reds were too brown for me. Buying blond and tinting is a great way to get the ginger look if your favorite hair store does not sell the color you like 😀



Hair: CATWA HAIR Bree (Blond pack tinted ginger)

Glasses: (EPOQUE) Vintage Frames – Neutral

Top: (fd) Sweet Southwest Tank – Navy

Pants: alaskametro<3 “Mira” capri pants – Sunshine @ anyBODY

Tattoo: [White~Widow] Midnight in Paris

Shoes: Momento. ballet flats gacha slink RARE

Pose: Overlow Poses – Pack 71


Petal Pusher


Hey babes, look at how perfectly these pants go with the pink petals of Glamrus’ newest gacha pose set. I can’t stand how perfect it is *-* So yup, diving right on in here.

Glamrus has done it again and it is gorgeous! All the poses in the set com with or without the petals if you prefer them without. And they jsut happen to match these pants from Epoch perfectly. Nyx has certainly been a busy bee the last couple of weeks, because she has pumped out a TON of new stuff! So I decided to spring it up with some pops of color, my cat and my brother’s fantastic new tattoo xD



Hair: Magika – Which Witch

Glasses: 15.Reckless.- DirtBag Glasses

Top: .epoch. gravity tank @ 100 Block

Pants: .epoch. / omega applier / harley jeans / black&pink @ the Showroom

Tattoo: { Speakeasy } Crazy Cat Lady @ Season Story

Shoes: REIGN.– Tomahawks (SLINK)- Camel

Cat: [Manticore] Cat v3

Pose: Glamrus . Blooming Spring 05 @ The Chapter Four


Girls Love Girls and Boys…


Hey babes! So this is kind of an odd blog post, it is more artsy than fashion. But today I was listening to “Girls / Girls / Boys” by Panic at the Disco and was totally inspired to do a post like this. The music video influenced the pose ( I made myself xD ) and I thought… WELP if I am naked, what better way to introduce my newest sponsor??

So here we go! My lovely sister has been nice enough to accept me as an official blogger for her tattoo shop Space Mermaid! She does dark yet feminine tattoos that are to die for. Be sure to stop on by the new main store and check her out at all the events she will be at in the future. Obviously come back to my blog to see all the latest stuff 😀


Hair: Magika – Which Witch

Glasses: 15.Reckless.- DirtBag Glasses

Tattoo: Space Mermaid – The Babe With the Power


Double Trouble


Hey babes, take a look at these adorable props I have for you today! lol Okay, one is me, and the other is my little sister / niece. We have a confusing family. But the big part of this is Glamrus is BACK AT IT AGAIN with the Kiddo poses! Look at this thing!

Other things to say, babes, be sure to stop by anyBODY if you have not. This watercolor tattoo is there, and it is just to die for. I want a watercolor tattoo in RL but haven’t gotten the motivation to get it yet. This is the exact reason I love SL tattoos so much haha. So get on down there and grab this unique beauty before the month runs out.

That tattoo goes lovely by the way, with this Pixicat top that I haven’t worn in ages, but love to death. It is color change so you can pretty much match it with anything, and the lace is a nice touch if you aren’t feeling showing all that skin on a particular day xD


Hair: [e] Interrupt

Glasses: 15.Reckless.- DirtBag Glasses

Necklace: Kibitz – The heart necklace – steel

Top: -Pixicat- Cheeky.Top

Pants: #EVANI – Hillary jeans NAVY

Tattoo: *Merlific* WaterColor Tattoo @ anyBODY

Shoes:REIGN.- Breeze Sandals

Group Pose: Glamrus Kids . Double Trouble @ Color Me Cute