Dino Diva


Hey babes! I felt like going back in time today for a little Dino time. My mom loves dinosaurs so she will appreciate this post. Though she may not appreciate that its just a prehistoric bikini lol.

My mom actually gave me this outfit, and we all put the same thing on (her and my sister) and we got on giant cats and ran around random stores weirding people out. It was pretty hilarious.

So if you are feeling a little daring and a lit like you want to dress the part to ride this AMAZING DINOSAUR, then this is definitely the outfit for you babes ❤


Hair: Exile:: Wink @ The Arcade (off sim)

Mantle: Alchemy – The Shaman – Bore Tusk Mantle – Black

Top: Alchemy – The shaman – Bone Top – S – Forest

Bottom: Alchemy – The shaman – Bone Skirt – S – Forest

Staff: Alchemy – The Shaman – Gnarled Staff – Mystic

Dinosaur: JIAN Dino Buddies :: 16. Three Horn – Red @ The Arcade (off sim)

Pose: Glamrus – Heavenly 03 @ The Chapter Four



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