Cool For The Summer


Aloha babes! The family neighborhood sim has just turned spring and dag nabbit are we excited! A few of us decided to celebrate at the beach with some sun, some amazing swimwear and this new Glamrus pose! (part three of Pose Fair Balooza!)

As a ginger I needed to protect my pale as heck skin from the sun, so here you see me sporting this adorable hat. Which I could never seem the right outfit to wear it with. But goodness today I was determined! Haha The hat comes with the hair and itself is color change, which is nice. The black option just happens to look really daark brown in thie windlight. In addition these sunglasses make me look like a freaking movie star rofl.

This bikini is something I had to hunt for for hours to find the perfect one for my wifeys surprise birthday party haha. I love that You can make the top part different form the bottom part vie the HUD. I am not one for the super matching as you babes all know. It covers the right amount of butt so I can be around the kiddos, but not enough that I can’t show off the cheeks a little xD

Be sure to check out Glamrus at the Pose Fair if you still havent gotten your babe butt over there! Also show some love to my lovely assistants, my sweet and gorgeous niece Raz and my ever willing to help out and handsome brother Envi.

Check out their blogs here….

Raz: Till We Overdose

Envi: Through the Eyes of the Envious


Hair: Clawtooth: Safari Babe – Sunny days red

Glasses: ^^Swallow^^ Metropolitan Sunglasses

Lipstick: [BAMBOO] – Holly Lips – Fatpack @ The Showroom

Bikini: [R3VOLT] – Scarlet Bikini [V2]

Tattoo: .Identity. Body Shop – Sea Goddess

Pose: GLAMRUS – Cool For The Summer @ Pose Fair 2016



The Ends….


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