Flower Power


Hey babes. Have you ever seen that show Sabrina the Teenage Witch? In one episode, she feels like shes being pulled in different directions and splits into 4 different versions of herself to make everybody around her happy. I feel like that right now, haha. I would love to make three of me, one of which can go on vacation and lay on the beach and do absolutely nothing. Alone time is very important babes, always remember that.

On that note… take some by yourself time to check out ALL THE ANYBODY THIIIIIINGS. Babes I do not even hardly wear eyeliner and stuffs, but this time around I thought it worth it to give it a shot. I even ditched my glasses to show it off better ^.^

Next, let’s talk about this beautiful skirt. It is so pretty and elegant, and the high waist goes super well with this lovely applier top. I think I specifically like applier tops for the fact that they are so easy to pair with high waisted bottoms. I mean it can be sooo hard to get 2 meshes to work together and half the time you just wind up with a crop top. But, with this combination you get that super cute, loose on the bottom and tight on the top look that is always a classic ^.^ Pair it all off with some black boot thingy sneakers to give the look some fun contrast (as I always like) and you are done 😀

Last, but not least, please take a moment to admire this fun and elegant post from Glamrus. She has made some super cool and elegant poses for a gacha at The Chapter Four. They are actually made to be smoking poses, that come with a cigarette, but they look just as nice without the accessory, if smoking isn’t your thing.



Hair: Lamb. True Love Waits

Makeup: .ARISE. Val Eyeshadow / Color 1 LELUTKA HEAD APPLIER @ anyBODY

Top: BREED: Paul – Pink (omega) @ anyBODY

Skirt: .:Avanti:. Muse Skirt – Floral 4 @ anyBODY

Shoes: Lucien.Marcelo // BLACK RAMONES BOOTS “1L

Pose: GLAMRUS Light it Up Female 06 @ Chapter Four



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