Dino Diva


Hey babes! I felt like going back in time today for a little Dino time. My mom loves dinosaurs so she will appreciate this post. Though she may not appreciate that its just a prehistoric bikini lol.

My mom actually gave me this outfit, and we all put the same thing on (her and my sister) and we got on giant cats and ran around random stores weirding people out. It was pretty hilarious.

So if you are feeling a little daring and a lit like you want to dress the part to ride this AMAZING DINOSAUR, then this is definitely the outfit for you babes ❤


Hair: Exile:: Wink @ The Arcade (off sim)

Mantle: Alchemy – The Shaman – Bore Tusk Mantle – Black

Top: Alchemy – The shaman – Bone Top – S – Forest

Bottom: Alchemy – The shaman – Bone Skirt – S – Forest

Staff: Alchemy – The Shaman – Gnarled Staff – Mystic

Dinosaur: JIAN Dino Buddies :: 16. Three Horn – Red @ The Arcade (off sim)

Pose: Glamrus – Heavenly 03 @ The Chapter Four



Yik – Yak


Greetings babes! I am blogging here from my SL family campsite as you can see. For the next week I will probably be blogging camp themes outfits woo! Okay, probably like 3 posts or something haha.

Well babes I have to admit, there aren’t a lot of people who can resist a SPIRIT outfit, and I am definitely not one of them. What’s not to love? They always fir great and the textuing is to die for. We all know I am kind of a cheapo, but I am almost always willing to spend the extra Ls on this brand.

This great outfit is the perfect little camping number when paired with a set of my favorite boots. The hair with the ribbon really “tie” it all together I think, with it complimenting the banana on the boots.



Hair: !Oleander ~ Poppy. w/ bow

Glasses: -tres blah- Sunnies – Floral

Shirt: SPIRIT – Onna long top [Motley] @ N21

Bra: SPIRIT – Onna top [Dark Blue] @ N21

Shorts: SPIRIT – Onna shorts [Purple] @ N21

Boots: [monso] My Vintage Ankle Boots

Tattoo: { T’ink} Peachy Tattoo @ anyBODY

Pet: Birdy. – Wooly Cow – Ginger

Pose: Glamrus Deanna 04 (I took the pose out of the prop)


Southern Comfort


Hey babes, this is my brother’s boyfriend who was so nice to last minute help me out with this lovely pose. This is the last in the series babes of the Pose Fair balooza and we are ending just as strong as we began. If you have SOMEHOW not had a chance, get your butt over there, especially to the Glamrus spot!

Babes… these boots, are probably the most amazing thing I have ever seen. I love them, I want the in RL, I have the in SL, I want them for my little. I. Love. Them. They are re sizable, so littles go crazy! Also they look so fun and “campy” for this outfit xD

I want to shout out my compliments to Epoch for creating another amazingly adorable outfit. I love these shorts, capris, whatever they are. I love them. They come in a color pack of three so they are a mega bargain! Plus the shirt comes in a pack of three as well, with a “Queen” “Princess” and “Mermaid” option. My daughter is crazy about mermaids, so I thought I would give her a surprise and pick her up from school in it ❤


Hair: pr!tty – Lilian – {Rootless}

Glasses: [Z O O M] Zarp Glasses

Top: .Epoch. nyla tshirt

Shorts: .Epoch. rhia capris / Blues Pack

Boots: FLite.– Pyrrhic Boots – Left – Floral

Couple Pose: Glamrus – Heart Breakers @ Pose Fair

Single Pose: Overlow Pose Pack 5



Spot On


Hey babes! Thanks for viewing this slightly awkward picture of my brother and I. Haha, we are adorable though, you have to admit. The family that pose props together eh…?

Anyways, this is the latest part of the Pose Fair adventure. Be sure to grab this adorable one at the Pose Fair from Glamrus!

Babes, this is one of my favorite hairs. i am not sure why I have never blogged it before haha. I remember buying it and wearing it for like 2 weeks straight. I love the bangs, I love the color, I love everything. It goes so well with this dress, which I may have also work for 2 weeks straight because it is just so dang cute, and goes with practically everything. I slapped it together with this really fun tattoo I happened to stumble upon and poof! It compliments the spots so well ^.^

Last but not least is these fun shoes from Epoch. They are very simple and go with just about anything. There are a bunch of fun colors as well as simple ones. You can never have too many wedges. Plus they are great for that spring weather that is here! (or hopefully coming if you live where I do and THE SNOW HAS NOT STOPPED D:)


Hair: .Olive. the Glitch Hair

Glasses: [Z O O M] Zarp Glasses

Dress: Stories&Co. by Flowey / Audrey Dress – Dalmatian Maitreya @ Collabor88

Tattoo: Infected – Puzzle Tattoo

Shoes: .epoch. nevaeh wedges / white wedge @ anyBODY

Couple Pose: Glamrus . Something About You @ Pose Fair

Single Pose: Overlow Poses – Pack 47



Cool For The Summer


Aloha babes! The family neighborhood sim has just turned spring and dag nabbit are we excited! A few of us decided to celebrate at the beach with some sun, some amazing swimwear and this new Glamrus pose! (part three of Pose Fair Balooza!)

As a ginger I needed to protect my pale as heck skin from the sun, so here you see me sporting this adorable hat. Which I could never seem the right outfit to wear it with. But goodness today I was determined! Haha The hat comes with the hair and itself is color change, which is nice. The black option just happens to look really daark brown in thie windlight. In addition these sunglasses make me look like a freaking movie star rofl.

This bikini is something I had to hunt for for hours to find the perfect one for my wifeys surprise birthday party haha. I love that You can make the top part different form the bottom part vie the HUD. I am not one for the super matching as you babes all know. It covers the right amount of butt so I can be around the kiddos, but not enough that I can’t show off the cheeks a little xD

Be sure to check out Glamrus at the Pose Fair if you still havent gotten your babe butt over there! Also show some love to my lovely assistants, my sweet and gorgeous niece Raz and my ever willing to help out and handsome brother Envi.

Check out their blogs here….

Raz: Till We Overdose

Envi: Through the Eyes of the Envious


Hair: Clawtooth: Safari Babe – Sunny days red

Glasses: ^^Swallow^^ Metropolitan Sunglasses

Lipstick: [BAMBOO] – Holly Lips – Fatpack @ The Showroom

Bikini: [R3VOLT] – Scarlet Bikini [V2]

Tattoo: .Identity. Body Shop – Sea Goddess

Pose: GLAMRUS – Cool For The Summer @ Pose Fair 2016



The Ends….

Crazy = Genius


Hey babes, I want to draw the first bit of attention to this little number from Blueberry. I am sure a lot of you babes have seen it posted all over facebook, and yes, it is just as fabulous as all of her other products. It fits super well, the textures are as amazing as ever, and the bra comes with a lot of metal options or a non metal version. Just be aware that the only way to get a bra that is a different color from the outfit is to buy 2 outfits, or the fatpack haha. Which in the long run is good for the store. I just went ahead and bought two outfit colors I liked.

Next thing I want to mention, is round two of Glamrus Pose Fair extravaganza! Okay, maybe I just wanted an excuse to use that cheesy word.. But on the other hand, this is a really nice pose. It has the same useful pose pox to stand on. And something I forgot to mention in my last post, along with it being user friendly and menu driven to adjust, your partner can adjust their pose at the same time! This is something I have never seen any other post store do babes, and it is WAY worth checking out. Keep checking back for more to come xD

Be sure to check out my lovely brother’s outfit in his version of this post…

here ❤


Hair: Doe Bridgette – Gingers @ N21

Glasses: [Z O O M] Summer Jam

Bra: Blueberry – Loud – Maitreya/Belleza/Slink – Pixie

Outfit: Blueberry – Loud – Maitreya/Belleza/Slink – Gray

Shoes: ::{u.f.o]::Margiella cutting sneakers – cream

Couple Pose: Glamrus – Faded @ Pose Fair


It Was Only A Kiss


Hey babes! I want to say a big thank you to my wifey for being my pose prop today, doesn’t she look beautiful ladies and gentlemen? Sorry, I was in a rush and could not get her credits, because I suck >.<

Anyways, huge announcement for the night. Pose Fair is coming up soon babes! Tomorrow in fact! I think. Anywho, Glamrus has worked SUPER hard to pump out 15, yes 15, poses for you babes this year. She has her store right up front so it is super easy to find, and like come on… do you babes see this pose? (/me drools). Not all of the poses are this, intimate though, so for you single folks, there are some great friendly poses I will be posting about at another time. Let me also state, that these poses are very user friendly, easy to adjust and honestly, do not need as much adjusting as most couple poses you see in SL. So that is my biggest plus about these. Also, the pose box you stand on easily turns visible and invisible at the click of a mouse! ❤

Next up, let us drool over this lingerie set…go ahead, drool, I will wait.



Okay now that we are all cleaned up, this set is really nice, I love the color choices it has ans the top part can be separately from the bottom. But the stockings must be worn with the bottom part. Which isn’t really all that terrible of a downside. The textures are lovely and it is way easy to use.

Let me mention this new skin babes, it is fabulous! It is at Collabor88 so the price is amazing, the detail is beautiful as always, the only complaint is the only eyebrows it comes with are brown. So I needed to change that. BUT like I said it is at a special price, so who am I to complain about something so fixable? Collab, has a million other goodies like this hair, which I am IN LOVE with. You can even take off the flowers, for a not so spring look, if you want to live the boring life. The flowers go great with these boots though, so YES i decided to keep it quirky and wear freaking rain boots with lingerie ❤



NEW SKIN: [the skinnery] Rose (Lelutka Applier) – Champagne @ Collabor88

Eyebrows: ARISE Amber Eyebrows

Hair: Exile::Coming Up Daisies – Reds @ Collabor88

Glasses: [Z O O M] Zarp Glasses

Lingerie set: LE FORME Dolce Lingerie Mauve @ anyBODY

Boots: *Tentacio* Boots Yellow @ Collabor883

Pose: GLAMRUS – Habits NEW RELEASE @ Pose Fair