The Fear Of Falling Apart


Hey babes ❤ I know sometimes I talk about my week and this is about to be one of those times. If you don’t wanna know then skip this paragraph haha. I have been in a Panic! At the Disco obsessed mood (surprise about that to come soon :O) and today I kind of feel like this. Sometimes I am afraid I am falling apart when I may not even be, and today I may fear I am falling apart because I don’t feel like I am, and I think I should. Does that make sense? Eh, found out this person I have a crush on doesn’t like me, and I don’t really feel disappointed at all. Maybe my heart is getting cold? :-/ Oh well, I put on a cool hat and move on with my life. Maybe it is better to react this was anyway haha.

I adore this dress. I know I have mentioned a thousand time how much I love Candy Doll’s texturing. Their ads are so soft and gorgeous how can you possible resist? Then I found these shoes and my mind was blown.

I LOVE them! I even broke down and bought the High Slink feet for them because they do not fit the Maitreya body feet >.> Top that off with a punky had and my fav cutsey hair and I have an outfit made for a Punky Princess who maybe isn’t falling apart and just a worry wart. 🙂


Hair: !Oleander ~ Bennett.

Hat: RO – SwagTastiCap – Black

Dress Top: _CandyDoll_ Angela Top Lavender @ Kustom9

Dress Bottom: _CandyDoll_ Kaori Skirt Cream @ Kustom9

Sneakers: HT – Hayato Sneakers Tip-Toe [Manifold] (Marketplace Gacha)




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