Big Summer Blowout


Hey babes! Let me tell you I am so mega proud of the way I decorated my new house and land I thought…I have to take my next blog pic here cuz its ADORABLE! Ty ty. But seriously I suck at landscaping and I am pretty proud of it. Blog soon to come at Dragovar Family blog I think hehe ^.^

Anywho I freaking LOVE this cardigan! And this hat, look how freaking cute. Just look! I think I want one of these things in RL. Seriously. I already have the shoes haha. I love these leggings to death so I figured they would go great with the comfy sweater dress, though I think I don’t really consider it to be a dress, more of a long shirt. If the coat is longer than the dress, it’s not a dress to me….


Hair: BESOMxREIGN Nordic Bomber @ N21

Shirt/vest: GizzA – Iona Vest & Dress [Green] Size S

Leggings: .Winged. Ripped Leggins Brown

Shoes: REIGN – Tomahawks Camel

Glasses: [Z O O M] Summer Jam

Pose: Kirin – Miho Pose




One thought on “Big Summer Blowout

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