The Pocket of these Ripped Jeans


Hey babes, feeling a little Ed Sheeran? Haha not really actually, just that’s all I could think of when talking about naming this blog for ripped jeans…

I remember seeing these jeans ages ago and being like “I have to buy those next time I come to this store” Then me and my Goldfish memory forgetting about them probably 5 minutes later >.> Anywho I love how different these jeans are, the textures are superb which is actually always the case with SPIRIT clothes. I may be a chepo but the high prices are worth the high quality of this store’s clothing.

I also have to share with you this derp moment about the tattoo I am wearing. I saw it in the advert for the Erratic outfit I blogged in Uber Androgynous (check it out ^.^) and was literally about to post a gyazo on Facebook trying to find the tattoo buuuuuut then I cammed down and saw that they were selling the tattoo Haha. Derp…So yeah love love love this tattoo and how soft and amazing the colors are. You know me babes, I am super picky about color tattoos, but this one is totally worth it.


Hair: pr!tty – Ema – {Heavy Roots}

Top: -tres blah- Devon Tank – Navy

Bottoms: SPIRIT – Secret ripped jeans

Shoes: CandyDoll_ Runway Peach

Tattoo: erratic / koi tattoo HUD (maitreya)

Pose: D.Luxx Poses – Intrigue





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