Netflix and Geek?


Hey babes, I was putting together a set for a random picture today and thought this was so adorable I may as well blog in front of it so… Event Haul! (Also note fav movie in the background <3)

I was iffy about this hair because I have a similar one from the same store actually. But when I tried them on one after another I realized they were more different than I remembered. Aaaaand now I love it.

I have been kind of saving these leggings because I could not find that WOW outfit to wear them with. Let’s be honest babes, even us bloggers have outfit flop days. Plus practically everybody was wearing them with the boots from the same event and we all know I hate blogging the same thing as everybody else at the same time as everybody else. But sometimes even I can’t help it. Anywho I popped on some of my favorite boots and paired it with a fairly daring yellow sweater from another event and poof! Purple and yellow DO go together haha.


Hair: MINA Hair – Stella (materials) @ Tres Chic

Glasses: [Z O O M] Summer Jam

Shirt: (fd) Mixed Fabric Shirt – May @ Uber

Leggings: Blueberry – Denise – Leggings Full Length – @ N21

Boots: REIGN.– Quinn Boots- (BLACK)

Pose: Belle Epoque – Are We Different




The Fear Of Falling Apart


Hey babes ❤ I know sometimes I talk about my week and this is about to be one of those times. If you don’t wanna know then skip this paragraph haha. I have been in a Panic! At the Disco obsessed mood (surprise about that to come soon :O) and today I kind of feel like this. Sometimes I am afraid I am falling apart when I may not even be, and today I may fear I am falling apart because I don’t feel like I am, and I think I should. Does that make sense? Eh, found out this person I have a crush on doesn’t like me, and I don’t really feel disappointed at all. Maybe my heart is getting cold? :-/ Oh well, I put on a cool hat and move on with my life. Maybe it is better to react this was anyway haha.

I adore this dress. I know I have mentioned a thousand time how much I love Candy Doll’s texturing. Their ads are so soft and gorgeous how can you possible resist? Then I found these shoes and my mind was blown.

I LOVE them! I even broke down and bought the High Slink feet for them because they do not fit the Maitreya body feet >.> Top that off with a punky had and my fav cutsey hair and I have an outfit made for a Punky Princess who maybe isn’t falling apart and just a worry wart. 🙂


Hair: !Oleander ~ Bennett.

Hat: RO – SwagTastiCap – Black

Dress Top: _CandyDoll_ Angela Top Lavender @ Kustom9

Dress Bottom: _CandyDoll_ Kaori Skirt Cream @ Kustom9

Sneakers: HT – Hayato Sneakers Tip-Toe [Manifold] (Marketplace Gacha)



Hipster Sister


Hey babes, with all this warm weather going on up here I feel so bored of all these snowy wintery posts. So I popped on a scarf and some super cute wellies and popped off to one of my favorite Villas with a vineyard ❤

My little fox buddy came along with me to keep me company and take all the blog pics! Even though she is also in the blog pics….

Anywho be sure to check out these wellies that are seriously to die for. This sweater is one of my favorite ones as well. I wear it almost all the time when I cannot decide what to wear. Last but not least I grabbed .Winged.’s new hair band bow thingie and I look too cute to pass up!


Hair: pr!tty – Ema – {Medium Roots}

Scarf: (fd) Big Scarf (copy/mod) – Orange Cream @ Collabor88

Top: –SU!- Ami Sweater /ALL COLORS/ (Group Gift)

Skirt: The Secret Store – Crepe Skater Skirt – Charcoal

Boots: =Zenith=Rain boots with socks (Maitreya) – Red Mix @ Kustom9

Headband: .Winged. Bow Headband White for 20twenty

Fox: Birdy/Alchemy – Fox (Girl) – Companion

Pose: .Winged. Basic


Santa Baby


Hey babes! Not sure if you saw here (your new favorite reality blog ^.^) but Friday the family and I had a beautiful Christmas evening together. It really was lovely and just like RL Christmas. But more about that on that blog. (seriously click the link babes <3)

What are we here for? Fashion right? SO I have seriously been saving this dress till Christmas. The second I saw it a month ago I knew I was wearing it to Christmas haha. Then the day of, I realized I had forgotten to unpack it and totally forgot the name of the dress >.< BUT after much searching and a little cursing..I obviously found it haha. I paired it with some of my favorite fancy wedges and a new hair that I fell in love with at Kustom9. Be sure to check it out babes!

Also be jelly of my Christmas present haul lol ❤


Hair: [DUE] Klein Reds @ Kustom9

Glasses: [ glow ] studio Insta Glasses Pink @ The Dressing Room

Dress: { V I N C U E } Magical+Dress

Shoes: REIGN.– Bohemian Energy Wedges (SLINK)- Stone

Tattoo: .Identity. Body Shop – [The Pact]


Holding Owl: Birdy – [Alchemy] Story Book – Owlkin – Cocoa 1 (Gacha)

Shoulder Owl:*HEXtraordinary* Ginger Snowy Meowl (Gacha)

Kitten: JIAN :: A Very Kitten Christmas – Tuxedo Kitten

@ Winter Gacha Festival

Overlow Pose Pack 45



BlogWNlastHey babes ❤ Are any of you experiencing this warm winter? I feel weird with the snow on the ground in SL and not in RL haha. Anyways winter in RL or nah, I still love this outfit. May I present post 2 of The Arcade goodies. I know everybody else in SL has probably already blogged these, but I like to post after the fad has died down so you don’t get too sick of it all at once haha. That may have sounded better in my head.

Not gonna lie I have been hanging on to these legging for the perfect post for like ever. They were at the last round of the Gen-Neutral event but I hadn’t found that perfect outfit yet. Let me tell you, as soon as I saw these boots and the coat. POOF perfect outfit had arrived. I love all the fun accessories FLITE released with this gacha, I think it is my fav one of theirs yet ^.^

Also don’t forget this new hair from one of my absolute favorite hair places! ❤



Hair: enVOGUE HAIR – Lynette Fitted

Coat: MoDANNA [Rafale Collection] Nylon Coat White @ Winter Trend

Leggings: Ama. : Nordic Leggings : Mixed

Shoes: FLite.-Winter Boots- Grey @ The Arcade

Tablet: Flite. Mypad Notebook (Wear)- Grey @ The Arcade

Coffee: FLite.- Kickstart Coffee -Controversy @ The Arcade

Pose: Overlow Pose pack 6 3



The Face Behind The Mask


Hey babes, sorry my last post was late. I partied hard all weekend then worked hard the next day >.< but that is how we all gotta live life eh?

I was totally inspired by that bunny ask at the Arcade which I love love love how vintage and adorable it is. The textures are so soft and nice I just can’t handle it. But the real reason for this post is for… wait for it….


POOF new head! Not gonna lie I got s tired of waiting for LOGO to update Sadie I thought eff it. Lelutka has really nice heads, I only really like the shape of this one, but I love that I actually have the option of picking whatever skin I want that has appliers. LOGO has not yet updated their last head to use appliers so I was stuck with their skin. Not that I am bashing LOGO, I am just tired of waiting. Maybe I’ll go back when it updates? Eh maybe… Lelutka probably has my favorite teeth of all the mesh heads and even though it makes me look a little older than my original shape I liked to use for years, it is a really nice head.

Also check out these super cute items that go with the mask I love so much. I skipped on the rare corset though mostly because the boobies would have been totally out. Not much my style :-/ but it IS cute though if you have a min to check out that one babes ❤


Head: .LeLutka.Mesh Head-STELLA v1.3

Eyes: Eyes_Genesis_Lab_2.3 @ Collabor88

Lashes: – DAMNED – Eyelashes

Skin: *YS&YS* Ginny Skin Allpier for Lelutka Head Tone 02

Hair: ISON – Diamond (old Hair Fair)

Corset: .ET. Showstar Corset Green

Leg Band: .ET. L’odeur du cuir Legstrap Pink @ the Arcade

Bracelet: .ET. L’odeur du cuir Bracelet White @ the Arcade

Mask: .ET. L’odeur du cuir Bunny Mask white @ the Arcade

Lip Stud: MONS / MESH – Dreamer Septum Ring (style-2) rosegold (edited so ring part is invisible)

Why is There a Knife in Your Throat?


Hey Bitches (babes <3) My brother may be just a liiiittle obsessed with Scream Queens so he begged us to do this post. I have to admit, even though I don’t watch the show it was pretty fun. So we’ve got some live Chanels here and even some dead ones to give you some pretentious fashion tips, so you can like…be better than all the other Chanels.

Btw I am in freaking love with these shoes I got at the Black Friday sale at Reign. Can’t get enough, and I am super glad this post reminded me of this outfit I have had for a while sitting in my inventory doing nothing lol.

Be sure to check out everybody else’s poses about it!


Envi / Chanel


Nickol / Chanel #2


Kaysa / Chanel # 4


Bunneh / Chanel #5

Hair – pr!tty – Selena [Blondes] (CLOSED for Remodel)

Dress – Foxes – Wallflower Dress and Cardi – First Kiss

Heels – Reign.– Dolly Plats- Blush

Necklace – [Mandala] Pearl Rain set season 2 Cream


Arts ❤ / Chanel # 3

Hair: [elikatira] Brielle

Dress: .Atomic. {Sweetheart}

Shoes: REIGN.– illaina Plats – Tan

Bag: [Co57] Katana Speedy Rayurez

Earmuffs: Izzie’s – Mesh Earmuffs white

Necklace: L’Armoire ll Moon Necklace / Turquoise (Into The Woods Hunt)