Axes, Spells, and Bears, Oh My!


Oh babes, into the woods we go…

So Candy Events is introducing it’s newest event, Theme Hunts. With all these locational events lately, who actually goes to main stores anymore? Not gonna lie, I rarely do, unless I reeeaaaally decide I like a store haha. Anywho, this hunt does have a pretty sweet theme….. Into The Woods ^.^ (beginning Nov 30th)

So far this hunt does have some pretty sweet stuff. I really like this dress the textures are nice and the shape is fun and different than a lot of things that have been coming out lately. The Axe is a little fun prop with a couple of colors and the bear ears totally add an adorableness factor. Chez Moi came out with a campfire set that has a really nice ambiance plus the signs it comes with are not only cute but kind of funny.

I think this post kind of tells a story (since the whole thins is a theme and all) so let me tell it to you. Ahem…

Once upon a time there was this awesome witch and some brat decided to turn her into a bear. But the brat failed and only gave her ears and a tail so in all her awesomeness she grabbed an axe and her super cool spell book to plot her revenge. (Sorry for longest blog post ever)


Hair: ISON – Diamond (old Hair Fair Exclusive)

Dress: “mignon.” -Sexy witch (Into The Woods Hunt)

Shoes: FLite.-Outsiders – Studded White (from past Arcade)

Axe: [MELONopolis] Little Red’s Axe // White (Into The Woods Hunt)

Spell Book: Birdy – Hocus Pocus – Spellbook – Silver RARE (October Arcade)

Bear Ears: [Nekotron] Kawaii Bear Ear L (Brown) (Into The Woods Hunt)

Fire & Signs: Into the Woods Set * CHES MOI (Into The Woods Hunt)

Tattoo: [I<3F] Tattoo [Into the Nature] (Into The Woods Hunt)

Pose: BellePoses – Melisandre (Orb and a spell book included NOT this spell book)

Fairy House: dust bunny Fairy House – White




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