Star Whores


In a Life far far away…

There were babes…..

weird enough to follow my blog…..

And possibly read and put up with this ridiculousness…..

Hey babes! You gotta admit that was funny… Ok done now. So the second I looked at this dress I thought about how it reminded me of a Jedi Knight. Then BOOP this time I had an idea for a collab post with my Broseph. He didn’t want to at first >.> but then he got that sweatshirt and agreed haha. So combine my dress with some of my favorite boots and this great new hair and POOF I’m a kick ass Jedi Lady

Be sure to check out his outfit here:

Through the Eyes of The Envious


Hair: *Besom~ Beauty Marked *Reds* @ FaMESHed

Dress: ISON – wednesday dress (white)

Boots: {mon tissu} Heathrow Boots ~ Ash




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