Uber Androgynous


Hey babes. The second I saw this outfit at Uber I just HAD to have it. I was in love. The underwear us super cute and goes just so well with the top the store advertises with it, I didn’t have the heart to not blog them together. Then I turn around and see this hair in another ad for skin at Uber and thought :O this would go so amazing with the androgynous-ness of the rest of the outfit. Ever wanna feel fancy but you don’t want to wear pants. Yeah that’s me like all the time >.>


Hair: [monso] My Hair – Xiu /Red

Tank: erratic / jessica – loose tank / black @ Uber

Underwear: erratic / cameron – jersey briefs / red @ Uber

Shoes: [monso] My Platform Sneakers – Black @ Uber

Tattoo: –Rust Republic-[Monster party tattoo]




Axes, Spells, and Bears, Oh My!


Oh babes, into the woods we go…

So Candy Events is introducing it’s newest event, Theme Hunts. With all these locational events lately, who actually goes to main stores anymore? Not gonna lie, I rarely do, unless I reeeaaaally decide I like a store haha. Anywho, this hunt does have a pretty sweet theme….. Into The Woods ^.^ (beginning Nov 30th)

So far this hunt does have some pretty sweet stuff. I really like this dress the textures are nice and the shape is fun and different than a lot of things that have been coming out lately. The Axe is a little fun prop with a couple of colors and the bear ears totally add an adorableness factor. Chez Moi came out with a campfire set that has a really nice ambiance plus the signs it comes with are not only cute but kind of funny.

I think this post kind of tells a story (since the whole thins is a theme and all) so let me tell it to you. Ahem…

Once upon a time there was this awesome witch and some brat decided to turn her into a bear. But the brat failed and only gave her ears and a tail so in all her awesomeness she grabbed an axe and her super cool spell book to plot her revenge. (Sorry for longest blog post ever)


Hair: ISON – Diamond (old Hair Fair Exclusive)

Dress: “mignon.” -Sexy witch (Into The Woods Hunt)

Shoes: FLite.-Outsiders – Studded White (from past Arcade)

Axe: [MELONopolis] Little Red’s Axe // White (Into The Woods Hunt)

Spell Book: Birdy – Hocus Pocus – Spellbook – Silver RARE (October Arcade)

Bear Ears: [Nekotron] Kawaii Bear Ear L (Brown) (Into The Woods Hunt)

Fire & Signs: Into the Woods Set * CHES MOI (Into The Woods Hunt)

Tattoo: [I<3F] Tattoo [Into the Nature] (Into The Woods Hunt)

Pose: BellePoses – Melisandre (Orb and a spell book included NOT this spell book)

Fairy House: dust bunny Fairy House – White



There She Goes Again


Babes there is not much better after a huge and eventful Thanksgiving Day than to relax with a good cup of tea and take advantage of the online Black Friday sales. It is also much less dangerous O.O I am not a Black Friday person. The online deals these days are just as good and I don’t even have to get out of my pajamas. BUT my avi needs to look hella good today because well…I just love this dress.

Not gonna lie, my only complaint that this is the only version of the dress that is 2 toned. It is a BEAUTIFUL dress, but I just wish there were more color options or a HUD even? Also this dress gave me an excuse to buy these super cute chunky heels. I know, I know, I say I rarely wear heels, but it looks like almost any chunky heel is my weakness 😡

Anyway I hope you babes had a great and safe Thanksgiving ❤ and a still great and safe Black Friday 🙂

(P.S. Check out Seraphim for Black Friday Deals)



Hair: +Spellbound+ Warrior // Reds (feathers included and detachable)

Dress: TETRA – Lily Lace Dress (Flamingo) @ Kustom9

Shoes: [BREATHE]-Halcyon Heels-Peach

Necklace: (Yummy) Silver Rose Pendant – Purple

Bag: =Zenith=leather picnic bag (Begie) @ Collabor88

New Glasses: [Z O O M] Authentic Sunglass

Pose: Glitteratti Model Pack 06



Campfire Song Song


Hey babes bonus post here! Be THANKFUL for it 🙂 please? Anyways I wound up getting way ahead with putting together posts and my new blogging schedule (every 3 days). Soooo here is a bonus one for ya!

I recently found this adorable little store that has some amazing kawaii stuff that is also kind of dark so it isn’t pink overload. I have recently been obsessed with galaxy print stuff so ofc when I saw these shoes I HAD to have them!

On a super exciting note….. I was accepted today by a new sponsor Overlow Poses! Not gonna lie, defo one of my fav pose stores, You babes may remember seeing me blog them a lot haha Anyways be sure to check out their MP there’s so many good poses! They are great for blogging as well as super nice profile pics ^.^


Hair: [RA] Jolina Hair @ Hairology

Sweater: TC – Round collar Sweater(BlackBone)

Pants: Alyce – Tight Jeans

Shoes: TC– Rubber sole shoes(Galaxy)

Pose: Overlow Pack 53


Goodbye Fall R.I.P. Pupkin Spice Chai Tea


Babes it is that time of year again! Time to stock up on all your favorite pumpkin spice stuff before it’s gone for the rest of the season D:

Also time to put away the tank tops that you could kind of get away with and bring out the long sleeves, scarves and heating blankets cuz up in the north it gets too cold to live >.>

But one last time we can put together an outfit like this full of fun fall colors and some super well textured jeans on a fallish background to help us when we are shivering TO DEATH. Also let me tell you in the MIDDLE of taking these pics, my neighborhood sim went winter >.> so that’s the reason for lack of pics


Hair: TRUTH HAIR Halston

Top: SPIRIT – Luisa top


Shoes: Lucien.Marcelo // BLACK RAMONES BOOTS

Necklace: .Winged. Letter Necklace_ A

Pose: Belle Epoque – Are we different


Star Whores


In a Life far far away…

There were babes…..

weird enough to follow my blog…..

And possibly read and put up with this ridiculousness…..

Hey babes! You gotta admit that was funny… Ok done now. So the second I looked at this dress I thought about how it reminded me of a Jedi Knight. Then BOOP this time I had an idea for a collab post with my Broseph. He didn’t want to at first >.> but then he got that sweatshirt and agreed haha. So combine my dress with some of my favorite boots and this great new hair and POOF I’m a kick ass Jedi Lady

Be sure to check out his outfit here:

Through the Eyes of The Envious


Hair: *Besom~ Beauty Marked *Reds* @ FaMESHed

Dress: ISON – wednesday dress (white)

Boots: {mon tissu} Heathrow Boots ~ Ash



First Snow


Hey babes! So the land at our house turned to winter in the MIDDLE of a blog post I was putting together as the “last fall post” Obviously it is a goodbye fall post for Fall >.> Anywho be sure to check out all these great items. Most are from last season that I am super excited to wear again but the skirt is from my amazing sponsor .Winged. ! This store is making a great start and she had adorable stuff so make sure to check out the new main store ❤ Also I know I just blogged this hair, but it is pretty perfect for scarf hair ^.^


Hair: Pr!tty ~ Jezibelle @ Hairology

Sweater: ::{u.f.o}:: simple rope tucked sweater – white

Skirt: .Winged. Ally Skirt_ CrazySkulls

Boots: fri. – River.Boots (Wheat)

Scarf: AMERIE – Long Scarf(PURPLE&GREEN)