New Faced


Hey babes, today I want to talk about this mesh head. Omg yes I finally found one I like. Well its actually the one I mentioned in the post where I wanted it to update, but Rosco made me break down and buy it anyway. Ok well he gave me the linden and told me to stop complaining basically bwahaha. But honestly the skin it comes with isn’t half bad. Not gonna lie babes, its sooooo confusing when you get this head, but that’s because its pretty easily customized based on the HUDs. I love this head because of the expressions it comes with and the shape is just adorable. Also it has a freckles option which is honestly a huge deciding factor for me. I can’t wait till it gets updated to have MORE expressions and be Omega compatible just like the other two LOGO has ^.^


Head: LOGO Sadie v3

Hair: Magika – Which Witch

Pajama Set: Candy Doll Tamiko Pajamas Nude @ Kustom9

Tattoo: *Queen of Ink* Tattoo Marins



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