Aint No Party Like A Hurricane Party


Babes I’m glad my power came back on in time to do this post haha. The hurricane has cause some crazy gross weather over here so my siblings and I were trapped Bunneh’s SL house (which makes perfect sense don’t judge) for a Hurricane Party! And what better thing to do than have a pillow fight duh! Also Bunneh and I got some amazing hair at Oleander for Fifty Linden Friday which maaay still be out It was last night ^.^ Also I’ve been meaning to blog this tattoo in a pajama post ever since I bought it lol Be sure to check out my brother’s post for all the boy stuffs!

Through The Eyes Of Envious



Head: Genesis_Head_Amber_2.0_Cappuccino @ Fantasy Collective

Upper Tattoo: .Things. – Indrani Tattoo @ FAD Event

Lower Tattoo: -LePunk- Leg Tattoo V1

Top: Kenvie. Selly Tanktop- Black

Shorts: Kenvie. Mini Short’s – Cherry




Hair: !Oleander ~ Boone.

Top: erratic / cary – double tank / stamps-scarlett

Shorts: Blueberry – Sylvia Shorts

Tattoo: DATUM // Maitreya body – Home




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