Jet Girl…With a Tank…


Hey babes! Anybody remember that movie and comic book Tank Girl? My friend introduced it to me and not gonna lie, I really liked it haha. I felt like I personally identified with the friend Jet Girl more, but I really love the I don;t give a crap attitude the main character has. It’s a pretty cool girl power movie bending the fashion norms to create a wacky yet bad ass style. So I decided to put together this outfit. Not to mention the Blueberry shorts came out and they fit the theme pretty darn well I’d say. Make sure you check out the new Corpo tattoos at Men’s Only Monthly! This awesome Halloween tattoo is one of my new favs. I may wear it all month. Keep checking the store babes because for you guys out there the TMP appliers are coming soon!


Hair: pr!tty – Dakota – .Red 3.


Top: –Suicide Unborn!– Cult Logic Crop Top #05

Shorts: Blueberry – Sylvia Shorts

Boots: .:Enelya’s Creations:. ABL Army Boots

Upper Tattoo: Corpo – This is Halloween Tattoo @ MOM

Leg Tattoo: *Queen of Ink* Tattoo Sea

Pose: D.Luxx – [M] Hybrid 18



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