I’ll Say, Do and Wear What I Want


Hey babes! So I have a lot to say about this post haha. I think it has been long enough and all the hype has gone away enough for me to feel like blogging this dress. I LOVE this dress, but I have felt like literally everybody blogs and wears it the same way. So I decided to wear it in a more fun and maybe a little bit weird way but hey… that’s what making outfits is all about ^.^

On another note… have you checked out Gen-Neutral? When I found out about the fair I got SO EXCITED! As I said in my Drunk Kitchen post, at times I will buy buy clothing because, hell I like it. But at this event there was some pretty awesome unisex clothing made by some pretty awesome people. I wound up only wearing one item in this post because I have other ideas for the things I have gotten. Still make sure to check out the event while you can! This has quickly climbed the ladder to one of the top spots on my list of favorite events. ❤ So forget the gender binary guys and wear what you want!


Hair: Little Bones – Like a Dude — Ombre&Roots

Dress: -Pixicat- Dreamy Dress (Clouds)

Shoes: Flite – Outsiders – Studded White RARE

Bracelet: Izzie’s Pride Bracelet @ Gen-Neutral

Tattoo: { Speakeasy} Sweet Violence Tattoo

Pose: D.Luxx hybrid 16




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