Pineapple Express


Babes, disclaimer… I have never seen that movie, but the name is adorable eh? haha. Anyways, I felt much more in tune with my masculine side today with this hat on, even though it says fairytales ^.^ but screw gender roles anyway. The only thing I have to complain about with hats on girl avatars is that they are suuuuuuch a pain to fit correctly. In this case I had to take an old prim hair and edit the pieces to make it look more natural and not have to be huge on my head. But it was so adorable I just had to. Make sure you guys check out my grandmother’s new fair Fairytale Forever! It has mostly kiddo stuff, but you can usually find that one token treasure. Also these are the most amazingly textured pants ever, and pineapple is cool. THAT IS ALL!


Hair: fri. Jasmine v.2 (discontinued)

Hat: [TIGLETON] Fitted Cap Fairytale *gift (exclusive) [Fairytale Forever]

Top: – tres blah- Arlet Tee – Pineapple

Pants: Spirit Store – November Jeans [DARK Blue]

Shoes: fri. – Baily.Loafers (Mint)

Bengals: Bowtique Bangle Bracelet Set

Pipe: *N* Glass Kiseru SHEEP BLUE (gacha)




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