Pantie Raid


Baaaaabes! Have you been to the Mesh Body Addicts Fair yet? I have to admit, minus the fact that my sister was getting frustrated at how long I wound up taking (okay maybe I was taking too long >.>)… haha… It was pretty good. I bought  more than I expected, because I’m not gonna lie, I am one of those “go to an event and buy two or three things tops” kind of girls. Funny enough I only felt the desire to blog one of the several items I did wind up purchasing, because these undies just go waaaaay too well with this top. You add in the funky boots from The Lexi Project and POOF, adorable outfit.Make sure you guys check that out as well. The easiest way to help out is to shop, and who can argue with that? ^.^

Also side note, I know Nickol already blogged these panties but I already had this put together when she posted. So sorry for doubles but I didn’t feel like changing the bottoms >.<


Hair: Magika [01] Careful

Top: Gizza – Joy Racerback Tank [Silk] (w/o bra)

Bra: Maitreya Mesh Body – Laura Mesh Bra

Panties: Maitreya Hipster * League Tangerine  (MBA Fair)

Upper Tattoo: .Identity Body Shop – Rare Jewel

Leg Tattoo: Infected – Absolute Tattoo

Boots: :hf: “Kick’n Ass” [Unisex] Boots (The Lexi Project)


THE END. ^.^


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