First Date Cleavage

BlogFDCFull Ello babes! So another family story…. I was about to go on a date in SL and my sister suggested that I dress like a skank. Being the good daughter that I am (and after getting grounded for those pants 2 posts ago) I decided to go with classy cleavage. My grandmother approved at least haha. But seriously I have had this top for months now and had not gotten around to wearing it. I think it says… “let me show off my grandfather’s awesome tattoo and just enough boob for you to stare but not think I’ll give it up on the first date.


Top: Blueberry – Avela – Tank Tops Brrown

Shorts: Blueberry – Cossy Denim Ripped Shorts – Dark Blue

Arm Tattoo: Corpo – Sugar Skull Tattoo

Leg Tattoo: Tattoo Mania – Golden

Sneakers: Flite. Yacht Shoes – Miami Blue

Hair: [e] Claudine – Redheads




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