Obnoxious Origami


Hey babes, so the other night the family decided to go to the Origami Event. Not gonna lie, it didn’t have a lot that I was interested in. But it turns out a lot of the free gifts are cute. Unfortunately it also turns out that to get these free gifts, you have to do a complicated hunt on a themed haunted Chinese sim with crazy scary daemon dolls >.> all while not being able to walk too close to the haunted shed without being teleported back to  safe point. About an hour and a half and a bunch of screaming and some laughing later… now we all have a dead fish balloon and a pet octopus in a bag. Also some pretty hilarious memories. My suggestion, bring a buddy to this event, you’re gonna need it.


Hair: pr!tty – Lillian {reds}

Glasses: *katat0nik* (Fox) Sunglasses (Origami Event)

Outfit: Gizza – Sidney Blazer Set [Pastel]

Shoes: Noodles – Anchors Away Sandals Choral

Tattoo: [White ~ Widow]  Midnight In Paris

Balloon: +Half – Deer+ Skellyfish Balloon (Origami Event Gift)

Octopus: Schadenfreude Bagged Octopus (Origami Event Gift)



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