Bang Bang…


Babes…let’s not even talk about how long its been. So…in honor of how blog lazy I have been I thought I may as well do a hot mess outfit, also a re-brand wooooo. Not to mention because my mom hates these pants because my butt hangs out the back a little, and the whole number thing they got goin on haha love you mom ❤ When I first bought these pants I actually fell in love and wore the outfit for like 3 days. It was a bumming it / hippie hair kind of week >.>


Hair: +Spellbound+ Warrior // Reds (with feathers)

Shirt: paper.arrow cozzy.tee flamingo

Pants: alterego I Baggy Sweats

Shoes: *BOOM* Animal Slippers (fox) Brown

Tattoo: Tattoo Mania – Kamba


The End ^.^